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If there was ever a time to have a white mani during these Championships, it would be today, “the greatest day in tennis,” which saw all remaining men and women in the singles draws play to get into the quarterfinals. OPI Solitaire (The Bond Girls) is a textured white metallic shimmer sprinkled with silver glitter:


Picture taken in natural light. This applied well; I did two coats with touchups in between, since the first coat went on a bit uneven in appearance. Even though this is a metallic finish, it never looks brushstroke-y, since all the texture and glitter cover that up. It’s a really nice, clean shade of white that has a softness to it, so I think it’s more wearable than a really stark, white-out type of white. The silver glitter breaks up the white, making the finish look more interesting. As this was drying down, I noticed some turquoise and pink shimmer in there, creating a sort of mother of pearl effect, but I don’t really notice it once the polish is fully dried. Once again, I love feeling the texture of this when it’s totally dried and set; it’s like I have white sugar encrusted on my nails. 🙂 I paired this with Sally Hansen Celeb City (Xtreme Wear) on my toes.



I meant to try this polish in April, to close out the parade of sprinkly polishes I had been wearing, but I just got a bit lazy to remove Stay the Night, so I put it off until now. China Glaze It’s a Trap-eze! (Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away) is a white creme base packed with multicolored small and large hex glitter:

It's a Trap-eze

Picture taken in sunlight. The formula was a bit thick because it’s absolutely loaded with glitter, but even with the light base, I managed to only need two coats, with touchups in between, for complete coverage. While the other sprinkly polishes (that had only three different colors of glitter, at the most) reminded me of sweets, this one contains seemingly every bright color under the sun, so it makes me think of the circus, which I guess makes sense in the context of the collection. In both sizes of hex glitter I see sky blue, green, fuchsia, candy pink, yellow, orange, and white. There’s a lot going on but somehow it works. It’s definitely one of those “party on your nails” type of polishes. I paired this with OPI Kiss Me on My Tulips on my toes.

I know the name is a Star Wars reference, but honestly it’s not Star Wars I have on the brain right now, but Star Trek…Star Trek Into Darkness (I’ll take any excuse to mention Benedict Cumberbatch ;))


This is the last of the black glitter-speckled polishes I have. I always used to associate glitter with “sparkly,” so I before these polishes came out I couldn’t imagine what black glitter would look like, but matte black glitter works perfectly against light/pastel creme bases! Lippmann Polka Dots and Moonbeams (Staccato Collection, Spring 2013) is a white creme with small black hex glitter:

Polka Dots and Moonbeams

Picture taken in sunlight. (I’ve been loving growing out my nails, but the length makes it harder to crop pictures as closely as possible. :/) Out of the three in this collection, this one seemed to contain the most black glitter. The formula was a little thick but still applied pretty well, and I only needed two coats (with touchups in between) for full coverage. I love the simple contrast of black and white (and grey too, the glitter that sits under the surface takes on a lighter hue.) When I saw these in stores, I only bought Rockin’ Robin because that was the only one I thought I really “needed,” but I’m glad I ended up buying the rest. It’s a lovely collection, and I’m Not Edible actually turned out to be my favorite! The other two reminded me so strongly of ice cream, and this one definitely does as well, of cookies n’ cream, another one of my favorite “standard” flavors. It also makes me think of dalmatians! I paired this with Lippmann Funky Chunky on my toes.


This is definitely the polish that piqued my interest in this confection-like finish. I bought it last year but I’m finally trying it now. Nails Inc. Sweets Way (Sprinkles) is a milky white creme with bright sky blue, light pink, and white small hex glitter:

Sweets Way

Picture taken in sunlight. On the first coat, the white base seemed like it would be really sheer, but it builds to opacity in three. It also applied smoothly, despite being loaded with glitter. I know all that glitter means it will be a pain to remove, but this is so pretty that it’s totally worth it! I love the combination of pink, blue and white; it looks really sweet and makes me think of cotton candy. I catch myself looking at my nails a lot. 🙂 I’ve actually had this on since Sunday! Normally I would have changed my NOTD by today, but this is so hard wearing (I know I have a difficult removal ahead of me) and I like the look so much that I kept it on. I paired this with Essie Sweet Talker on my toes.


It’s been a while since I’ve done a layered mani, and even longer since I’ve done one involving a glitter, instead of a crackle polish. Plus, this polish was the last I had from this collection left to try. China Glaze White Cap (Anchors Away, Spring 2011) is a golden tiny flake microglitter in a milky white base. I typically like to layer over black, but this time I thought I’d go for a winter white look, and I chose to put it over Illamasqua Load:

White Cap + Load

Picture taken in weak sunlight. Load applied as I’d remembered, needing three coats for an even finish. I added two coats of White Cap for a really dense, glittery look over the whole nail. The whole mani does involve a lot of coats but the end result looks so pretty! I like that it doesn’t look bright and stark, since Load is more of a creamy off-white. The golden microglitter looks so sweet and angelic; the tiny, crushed flakes sparkle delicately. I think this would’ve made for a nice holiday look too. Although it’s not snowing now, it seems perfect to wear during these wintry days that have been deathly cold.  I paired this with China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway on my toes.


Ever since I bought this particular shatter polish I knew I would use it to paint a Yankees-themed mani.  As an homage to their pinstriped home uniform, I layered OPI Navy Shatter over Rescue Beauty Lounge Underwear:

Left hand:

Right hand:

Pictures taken in sunlight.  Underwear doesn’t have that magical RBL formula; it’s thick and definitely needs a self-leveling topcoat, but for layering purposes I was able to get away with just one coat.  And this shade of white is very, very bright.  I don’t have that many, but this is my favorite crackle polish I’ve tried so far, because the colors stand out from each other and I got so much crackling on every single nail!  The formula was smooth, which helped me spread the polish over the nail easily, and not thick, which helped me paint quickly.  I keep looking at my nails because I’m so happy with the result!  I love it even more since it makes me think of the Yankees. 😀  Since yesterday’s game was suspended due to rain, I’ll be wearing this through games 1-3.  I paired this with Orly Pixie Dust on my toes.


Since Nole switched sponsors from Adidas to Sergio Tacchini in 2010, many of his kits have been predominantly white.  I’ve been wearing navy to match his night kit, but then I remembered I still hadn’t tried this polish yet, so I did a mani/pedi themed after his day kit.  Illamasqua Load (Valentine’s Day 2011) is an off-white creme:

Picture taken in natural light.  (I wish it wasn’t so rainy; I would’ve liked to see this in the sun.)  The formula was streaky but I had decent control over it.  It still applied pretty well, needing three coats for evenness.  Admittedly, I was drawn to this because of the name, but as it turns out, I really like it!  I don’t wear white manis often, and I only have a couple of white polishes.  It’s nice to see a white that’s not so clean and stark like white-out.  This shade is soft and creamy-looking; I think it’s more flattering to wear on its own than a traditional white.  I still love the name, and, having tried it, I can say I love the polish too. 🙂  I paired this with Wet n Wild Nocturnal (Craze) on my toes.




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