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I’m wearing this polish to complete trying the set, but it turned out to be the perfect festive mani for the championship weekend of the Australian Open. After watching Victoria Azarenka prevail and defend her title and World No. 1 ranking on Saturday, this morning I watched Novak Djokovic win his third Australian Open championship in a row, and fourth overall, for a total of six grand slams so far. 😀 Nails Inc. Soho Street (The After Party Set) definitely reflects my celebratory mood. It’s a multicolored, different-sized hex glitter in a clear base. I was already wearing Disco Lane, and after two days I had virtually no tipwear, so I saved myself some time and just layered the glitter over it:

Soho Street

Picture taken in sunlight. I added two coats of Soho Street to my full mani of Disco Lane. It’s definitely a rough, glittery surface but I still just used one coat of topcoat. Two or more would be needed to smooth it out. I haven’t yet tried all of the “party glitters” I own, but this is definitely already one of my favorites. It’s actually pretty dense, so after two coats I got a nice, even spread of glitter all over the nail. I think the coverage is pretty impressive, because I don’t see the type of small, regular glitter that would fill in the spaces, only two sizes of hex glitter. I love the true multicolored-ness of it all. When I look at it, even from a distance, I see all the bright pops of color (especially against the black background.) This one definitely doesn’t look silver overall. There’s pink, blue, red, and green glitter, with just a bit of silver and gold. No one color dominates, so I don’t even know what category to put it under. This is definitely another one I can’t help but stare at; it’s just so pretty! It makes me think of those Australia Day fireworks. 🙂 I paired this with OPI Festive Fuchsia on my toes.



After trying Covent Garden Market and loving it so much, I definitely wasn’t gonna let too much time pass before trying the rest of the set. Nails Inc. Disco Lane (The After Party Set) is a black with holographic glitter:

Disco Lane

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well; I used two coats for full coverage. I normally use topcoat anyway, but this polish definitely needs it for appearance’s sake. On its own it dries to a very dull, flat finish. The topcoat illuminates all that holographic glitter. If you prefer a glassy smooth-feeling surface, more than one coat of topcoat would be needed, because with just a single coat it’s still rough. I still like this polish, but am a bit disappointed that it didn’t quite turn out as cool as it looks in the bottle. I knew from the start that this was only a holographic glitter and not a linear holo (as it appears in the bottle, somehow). What I was expecting was it to be more glittery, because it seems absolutely loaded with the stuff. I think perhaps the creamy black base is too opaque. It’s great that I only had to do two coats, but I don’t think it lets the holographic glitter really shine through, and that’s why it looks bumpy. All things said, this is still a lovely polish, when viewed in the light. The different colors of holographic glitter really look great when they catch the light, and especially against the black background. I paired this with Nails Inc. Trafalgar Square on my toes.


I may have tried another red glitter just a couple of manis ago, but this is a different animal. My last glitterbomb of the year is a sure stunner. Nails Inc. Covent Garden Market (The After Party Set) is a bright ruby red glitter packed in a clear base:

Covent Garden Market

Picture taken in sunlight. (I actually did this mani yesterday but it’d have been a shame to not photograph this without decent light.) There’s a sticker on the bottle cap that says this is a full coverage glitter, and that claim is definitely accurate! I got full coverage in two coats. While still wet, the glitter tends to get pushed to the nail tip with a normal brush stroke, so I filled in bald spots between coats with a dabbing motion instead. I also painted and did cleanup on each nail one by one, since wet glitter is much easier to manipulate. The formula was good, though it did thicken up as I continued to use it, as is typical of this kind of glitter. It does dry flat on its own, but even a single coat of topcoat will bring out its lovely depth. (More coats of topcoat would be needed to achieve a glassy smooth surface.) This is probably the best clear-based glitter I’ve ever tried! Not only does it achieve full coverage in only two coats, but both the color and finish are gorgeous! This shade of red is not just bright, but very vibrant. It has this glow that I don’t typically see in glitterbomb finishes. Obviously it sparkles beautifully under bright light, but it still looks so dimensional even in low light. It’s not obvious on the finished mani, but there are different sizes of glitter in there. It may only be small and smaller sizes, but this subtle difference goes a long way in making the overall finish more interesting. This polish looks so glamorous and sexy; it’s definitely distracting because I find myself staring at my nails too often. 🙂 I paired this with China Glaze Little Drummer Boy on my toes.




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