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This is the last of the polishes from the collection that I’ve now finally finished trying.  China Glaze Cherry Pie (Summer Days, Summer 2009) is a red-orange glass fleck with red-orange microglitter:

Picture taken in natural light.  This applied well; because the formula was a little sheer I needed three coats for desired opacity and color payoff.  And what a pretty color it is!  It really doesn’t remind me of cherry pie at all; it’s more orangey than the deep red filling.  I don’t even like cherries anyway…except maraschino cherries, and I guess the color reminds me a little of those.  Since I know this polish’s name, I can’t look at it without thinking of the Warrant song Cherry Pie. 😉  I paired this with Essie One of a Kind on my toes.



After a mini-break I’m returning to try this collection’s polishes.  China Glaze Grape Juice (Summer Days, Summer 2009) is a cool amethyst glass fleck with silver microglitter:

Picture taken in natural light.  This applied well; the formula was on the sheer side so I needed three coats for opacity.  The shade of purple is much too cool and light to really remind me of grape juice, but it’s a lovely color.  I love how the silver microglitter gives it an icy look.  When I think “icy” I usually picture horrible frosty brushstrokes, but this has that amazing, dimensional glass-fleck finish instead.  I paired this with Sephora by OPI Iris I Was Thinner on my toes.


I’ve only worn colors on the warm side of the spectrum so far this month, so I thought I’d throw in a cool-toned color for a change.  China Glaze Watermelon Rind (Summer Days, Summer 2009) is a blue-green glass fleck with teal microglitter:

Picture taken in natural light.  This applied well, but I did experience some cuticle drag, so I used two coats plus touchups for opacity.  The color doesn’t make me think of watermelon rind or fruit, but it’s still gorgeous!  Blue and green make great combinations, and this is no exception.  This has that rich, jewel-toned, teal-peacock thing going on.  Plus, the finish is stunning in both the sun and the shade.  Of course it’s very sparkly in the sun, but in the shade you can see just how saturated the formula is with microglitter.  I’ll say it again, absolutely gorgeous.  I paired this with Urban Outfitters Green 5 on my toes.


I’m now halfway through trying the polishes from this collection. 🙂  China Glaze Strawberry Fields (Summer Days, Summer 2009) is a medium warm pink glass fleck with gold microglitter:

Picture taken in natural light.  This applied well; two coats was enough for sufficent opacity.  This is such a lovely shade of pink; it’s already a warm color to begin with, but the dusting of gold microglitter warms it up even more.  The gold is really noticeable, too.  I know pink is usually relegated to strawberry-themed cosmetics, since red is usually reserved for cherries, but I adore this polish nonetheless (and I can think of some pink strawberry-flavored foods…like milkshakes, mmm).  Plus, the name reminds me of one of my favorite Beatles songs.  Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits; I’m looking forward to eating a lot of them this summer, especially during Wimbledon!  (But I’m getting ahead of myself, first comes Roland Garros.)  I paired this with Essie Status Symbol on my toes.


Continuing my mission to finally try all the polishes from this collection, I put on China Glaze Raspberry Festival (Summer Days, Summer 2009), a pinkish red glass fleck with pink and red microglitter:

Picture taken in natural light.  This applied well; I did three coats out of habit but it was more pigmented so it looked decent at two.  Since the formula wasn’t so sheer the end result looks more solid and opaque than squishy and translucent.  I love red, so I definitely love this; it’s absolutely gorgeous.  It’s like I have ten sparkly, juicy raspberries on my fingertips. 🙂  It’s got me thinking of all the ways to eat raspberries…I’d definitely want to go to a raspberry festival.  I paired this with Essence Everybody’s Talking About (Colour & Go) on my toes.


I know this polish is relatively old now, but I’m trying it for the first time today.  I had this hang-up about trying all the polishes from this collection in the same month, and I’m only getting around to doing that now.  China Glaze Orange Marmalade (Summer Days, Summer 2009) is an orange glass fleck with gold microglitter:

Picture taken in natural light.  (I wish I could’ve gotten some sun to show off the sparkle, but the beauty of glass fleck polishes is that you can still see the microglitter and depth of finish in the shade.)  This applied well; the first coat was sheer but built to sufficient opacity in three coats.  This isn’t one of those super-bright, punchy oranges, but it’s definitely still a summery shade.  It’s orange-orange, like the fruit.  The name is so apt; the pretty, warm golden microglitter suspended in the transclucent base really makes me think of those bits of peel suspended in orange marmalade, mmm. 🙂  I paired this with OPI A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find on my toes.


So my Valentine’s Day manicures are a bit overdue but alas, here they are:

I decided to go with a sweethearts candy theme instead of a typical pink or red for the day before Valentine’s Day, so I used China Glaze Lavender Lingo and Go Go Pink as an accent finger. The application issues of the Patent Leather collection are well documented, but I’ll reiterate that they’re a little gloopy and streaky. This picture is two coats no topcoat.

For the day of Valentine’s day I went with as close to red as I had in my collection, Raspberry Festival from the China Glaze Summer Days collection:

I have to say, for a long long time I thought reds wouldn’t look good on me and Sarah tried to make me a believer because she absolutely adores them. After trying on Raspberry Festival and falling in love I ran to CVS and picked up 4 different shades of Sally Hansen Salon Brand reds that were 50% off because they were in the old bottle style. I’m now a believer that yes, I can pull off red, and am very happy about it!

Anyway, Raspberry Festival applies like a dream and there’s not much else to say, other than that in person it’s a tad more red and it’s super packed with silvery microglitter that makes it sparkle something lovely (: Oh, and that picture was taken without topcoat and it’s even prettier when you add that into the mix.

Happy belated VDay hehehe,
xX Jules



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