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The last of these polishes I have to try is Nails Inc. Chelsea Physic Garden (Spring/Summer Trend, 2013), a pastel sky blue creme:

Chelsea Physic Garden

Picture taken in weak sunlight. (A rare photo on the second day of wear.) This applied much like Royal Botanical Gardens; the formula looked streaky on the first coat, but was quite thick and pigmented, so with a few touchups I got full coverage in two coats. Just like turquoise, I’m always drawn to this sweet type of pastel sky blue whenever I see it in a collection. It may be light, but it’s definitely not pale. It’s stark and pigmented enough to have a strong presence on the nail, yet looks pretty and delicate at the same time (a quality I always love to see in a pastel). It’s also a very calming shade; it makes me want to lie in the grass and look up at the sky. 🙂 I paired this with OPI Dutch Tulips on my toes.



I tried half of this collection a couple of weeks ago, and I’ll try the other half over this weekend (at least I think this collection has four polishes in it; they were the only ones I saw that had ice cream stickers on the cap.) Nails Inc. Royal Botanical Gardens (Spring/Summer Trend, 2013) is a pastel greenish turquoise creme:

Royal Botanical Gardens

Picture taken in sunlight. I expected this to be streaky, as light pastel colors tend to be, but the formula was also nicely thick and pigmented, so I got full coverage in two coats with some touchups. I love turquoise polishes the most in creme form, so I was defintely drawn to this. This pretty shade is unmistakably turquoise, but it leans ever so slightly more green than blue. It has that light, sweet pastel look, but the color is pigmented enough to look bold and stark instead of pale. When I wear them in the summer, turquoises like this also make me think of the beach. 🙂 I paired this with NARS Anardana on my toes.


I feel like I’ve been trying a lot of corals this summer, yet I’m not tired of the color at all, since it comes in such a wide range of shades. My latest is Nails Inc. St. James Park (Spring/Summer Trend, 2013), a bold pinkish coral creme:

St. James Park

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well, though at the first coat it was a bit streaky in appearance. I still managed to get full, even coverage in two coats, with some touchups in between, because the formula was highly pigmented. I really, really love this pinkish coral, though that doesn’t surprise me because another favorite coral creme of mine, Brook Street, is also from Nails Inc. St. James Park does look pretty similar to Brook Street; they are both pinkish corals, but the former has more pink, while the latter has a drop more orange. Back to my current NOTD, this one looks very pretty and sweet because it’s so pink-toned, yet it’s such a bright, punchy color that’s perfect for summer. This is another one that makes me think of fruity, tropical drinks. 🙂 I paired this with Color Club Blue-Ming on my toes.


I may be out of neons to wear, but I still have plenty of summery polishes to try this month. I’ll start with Nails Inc. Kensington Palace Gardens (Spring/Summer Trend, 2013) a sweet, pastel peach-pink creme:

Kensington Palace Gardens

Picture taken in sunlight. This was streaky, but due to its thickness and high pigmentation, I was able to get away with two coats, with some touchups in between, instead of having to do three full coats. This color is so, so pretty! I love the look of pastel peaches, and this one even more so because it’s pink-toned. It’s not very, very stark, like some pastels can be, but the high pigmentation does give it a great, strong presence on the nail. It’s a lovely pop of color, and definitely not pale. Maybe it’s because there’s a little ice cream sundae sticker on the cap, but I definitely get a sweet vibe from this.I paired this with Essie Bikini So Teeny on my toes.


I’ve worn a lot of Essie this month, and this is the last new one I have to try before getting into the Wimbledon manis I’m looking forward to. Essie Naughty Nautical (Summer 2013) is a bright greenish teal creme with subtle, tiny silver flake shimmer:

Naughty Nautical

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well, though it was a little cuticle draggy. I used three coats for full, even coverage, thought the third coat was just barely needed. As in Rock the Boat (these are the only two polishes I bought from this collection), the shimmer is subtle, but still fairly noticeable. The irregular, tiny silver flakes look very delicate and pretty. While Rock the Boat’s powder blue shade looked light and airy, this greenish teal looks bright and bold. I can’t resist a teal, so I probably would’ve been drawn to this even if it were a plain creme; I appreciate the way the shimmer sets it apart from other teals I own. I don’t normally associate teals, especially green-toned ones, with nautical themes, but this one looks so crisp and fresh that it actually does make me think of sailing. I paired this with China Glaze Ahoy! on my toes.


This month has turned into quite an Essie-fest for me; but I just love all the blues, greens, turquoises and teals they’ve released in the past few collections. My latest is Essie Rock the Boat (Summer 2013), a light powder blue creme with subtle, tiny silver flake shimmer:

Rock the Boat

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied sheer and a little streaky; for full coverage I needed three coats, plus touchups. It self-levels though, so the formula wasn’t so problematic anyway. The shimmer is subtle, so in very low light this would look like a plain creme, but it’s not so subtle that you can’t notice it at all. I really like this kind of flaky, irregular shimmer. It’s quite visible even in only some light. This shade of blue is so pretty; it has such a light, airy quality to it. Something about it seems so relaxing, calming, soothing. I love the name as well; it has me feeling nostalgic. When I hear “Rock the Boat,” I automatically think of Aaliyah; I love her music and still listen to it today! I paired this with China Glaze Pelican Gray on my toes.


I’ve been trying lots of blues and turquoises, but now I have on something that’s solely green. Essie First Timer (Resort Collection, 2013) is a bright spring green creme:

First Timer

Picture taken in sunlight. The formula was thick yet runny. It didn’t apply very smoothly but was quite pigmented, so I only needed two coats for full coverage, with some touchups in between to make sure there would be no uneven spots. The formula wasn’t perfect, but I love this color. In terms of blue vs. yellow toned, I think this sits right in the middle; it doesn’t seem to lean either way (which I appreciate, because I feel like I don’t see that so often.) This green is light and springy, but it also has a great, almost neon-like vibrancy. It has a bold, stark quality on the nail, which I  love to see in any season, but especially around summertime (I imagine this would look amazing against a tan.) I paired this with Sephora by OPI Alley Cat on my toes.


I tried one half of this collection in May, and this month I’ll wear the second half, starting with Essie In the Cab-ana (Resort Collection, 2013), a bright, aqua-turquoise creme:

In the Cab-ana

Picture taken in sunlight. The formula was nicely thick and pigmented, and I got full coverage in two coats, with some touchups in between. When I bought this I thought the color would be really similar to Where’s My Chauffeur?. They are, in the sense that they’re both in the same broad color family, but they’re not as close as I thought. Where’s My Chauffeur? leans on the green side of turquoise, while In the Cab-ana leans more on the blue side. There are also differences in formula; In the Cab-ana has a thicker, more solidly opaque consistency. Both are bold and really pretty; this one makes me think of lovely turquoise seas as well. I paired it with Illamasqua Purity on my toes.


Although this NOTD is in the same broad family as my previous one, I thought it was different enough to try right after. Essie Come Here! (Resort Collection, 2013) is a bright coral creme:

Come Here!

Picture taken in natural light. (I wish the weather hadn’t been so gloomy, this really looks its best in the sun). This applied well, though I needed three coats for even coverage. My apartment is pretty dimly lit, with yellow light, so when I looked at this indoors it seemed like an orangey coral. When I went outside, I saw that it was actually closer to a true coral. It seems to have almost an even balance of orange and pink, though I’d say it leans towards the orange side, ever so slightly. Seen in natural light or sunlight, there’s no mistaking this for anything but a coral, though, and I like it so much more than I was expecting to! It’s perfect for a resort collection, since coral is one of those quintessential summery, warm-weather colors. I paired this with China Glaze Blue Island Iced Tea on my toes.


Now that the weather has gotten consistently warm-ish, I’m excited to get started on the lot of springy/summery brights I’ve been buying. Thankfully most of them are cremes, which I’ll welcome after all the glitters I tried last month. Essie Under Where? (Resort Collection, 2013) is  a light orchid creme:

Under Where

Picture taken in natural light. The formula was not devastatingly sheer, but it wasn’t that strongly pigmented; for this light color I needed three coats for full coverage. Normally, with this type of milky jelly formula I would expect to have some tip pull from the quick-drying topcoat I use, but to this polish’s credit, I had none. I wasn’t as excited about this color as I was about the three others in the collection, but I’m glad I got it anyway, because it’s really pretty! It does strike me as more springy than summery, but it does make me think of orchids, which I guess I would see at a resort back in the Philippines. 🙂 I paired this with Essie Mojito Madness on my toes.




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