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I’m taking a small break from neons by finishing up trying another small collection. I really loved Magazine Cover Mouse, so I was really looking forward to trying the other two polishes I got. First I’m wearing OPI A Definite Moust-Have (Couture de Minnie), a bright, coral-amaranth creme with subtle shimmer:

A Definite Moust-Have

Picture taken in natural light. (I wish there had been sunlight to take this photo in, but when you enlarge it, you can kind of see the shimmer. It’s also a bolder shade in real life.) This applied very well, going on smoothly in two coats, plus some touchups to cover up dark spots. I wasn’t sure how to define this color, because it looks different in various lighting conditions. Indoors, this seems to have red-orange tones, making it look coral. Outdoors, however, it looks more straightforwardly pink; it reminds me of NARS Anardana. Whatever the color is, I love it! It looks gorgeous in the bottle, and even more so on the nail. The shimmer is very subtle, so at a quick glance it just looks like a creme. Although it’s not that obvious, this kind of secret shimmer does give a little extra something to the finish. I think OPI named this one pretty accurately. 😉 I paired this with NARS Koliary on my toes.



I’ve worn a lot of Essie this month, and this is the last new one I have to try before getting into the Wimbledon manis I’m looking forward to. Essie Naughty Nautical (Summer 2013) is a bright greenish teal creme with subtle, tiny silver flake shimmer:

Naughty Nautical

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well, though it was a little cuticle draggy. I used three coats for full, even coverage, thought the third coat was just barely needed. As in Rock the Boat (these are the only two polishes I bought from this collection), the shimmer is subtle, but still fairly noticeable. The irregular, tiny silver flakes look very delicate and pretty. While Rock the Boat’s powder blue shade looked light and airy, this greenish teal looks bright and bold. I can’t resist a teal, so I probably would’ve been drawn to this even if it were a plain creme; I appreciate the way the shimmer sets it apart from other teals I own. I don’t normally associate teals, especially green-toned ones, with nautical themes, but this one looks so crisp and fresh that it actually does make me think of sailing. I paired this with China Glaze Ahoy! on my toes.


This is a polish that I’ve sidetracked myself from trying several times, so I’m glad to finally have it on my nails, because it’s lovely. Essie She’s Picture Perfect (Resort Collection, 2012) is a lavender with a subtle fuchsia shimmer:

She's Picture Perfect

Picture taken in sunlight. (Click to really see the shimmer.) This applied well, needing three coats for full, even coverage. This is definitely one of my favorite lavenders! The shade is light and summery, but it isn’t pale and washed out. I love the finish, and have only seen something similar in Rescue Beauty Lounge Insouciant. While that has purple and green shimmer, this one has fuchsia, and it gives the lavender base a pretty flash. It may not be obvious in all lighting conditions, but even when you can’t really see the shimmer particles, I don’t think you would mistake this for a creme, since the shimmer gives the finish a nice glow. It’s both gorgeous and interesting to look at as well. Since it’s so similar in concept to the RBL polish, “insouciant” is a good descriptor for this polish as well. I paired this with RGB Cosmetics Minty on my toes.


This month has turned into quite an Essie-fest for me; but I just love all the blues, greens, turquoises and teals they’ve released in the past few collections. My latest is Essie Rock the Boat (Summer 2013), a light powder blue creme with subtle, tiny silver flake shimmer:

Rock the Boat

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied sheer and a little streaky; for full coverage I needed three coats, plus touchups. It self-levels though, so the formula wasn’t so problematic anyway. The shimmer is subtle, so in very low light this would look like a plain creme, but it’s not so subtle that you can’t notice it at all. I really like this kind of flaky, irregular shimmer. It’s quite visible even in only some light. This shade of blue is so pretty; it has such a light, airy quality to it. Something about it seems so relaxing, calming, soothing. I love the name as well; it has me feeling nostalgic. When I hear “Rock the Boat,” I automatically think of Aaliyah; I love her music and still listen to it today! I paired this with China Glaze Pelican Gray on my toes.


The second of my NOTDs this week was Ciaté Cupcake Queen, a hot pink with a very subtle shimmery blue flash:

Cupcake Queen

Picture taken in natural light. Even though this is a bold color, I needed three coats for full coverage. It wasn’t so much for full opacity as it was to cover up dark spots. I had no sunlight for my photo so the subtle shimmer doesn’t show up, but it’s so subtle that you don’t really see it unless you’re looking for it, under bright light. The blue flash is pretty, though. When looking at your nails normally, it just lends a glow to the overall finish. I love the shade of pink as well; it’s a nice, bright pop of color, and does make me think of girly sweets. I paired this with Sephora by OPI Cartwheels on the Catwalk on my toes.


This is a polish I had planned to wear in April because I thought it was a pastel. I guess it worked out that I’m just trying it now because it turned out to be a springy bright! OPI You’re Such a Budapest (Euro Centrale, Spring 2013) is a light but bright periwinkle creme:

You're Such a Budapest

Picture taken in natural light. Although its appearance was streaky, this applied pretty well, needing three coats for full coverage. This actually has some very, very subtle silver shimmer, but it’s not noticeable unless you’re really looking for it, in bright light. It’s such a pretty color; I just keep thinking “airy” when I look at it. In some lights, it seems like a cool light blue, other times it looks more lavender, so periwinkle is a perfect descriptor. It is a light shade, in one of those categorically pastel colors, but it’s not a true pastel (It’s not bright in the whited-out, stark way). It’s not extremely electric and vibrant like Illamasqua Jo’Mina, another light but bright color, but it is rather bright for the type of shade it is. I paired this with Illamasqua Stagnate on my toes.


I have a few spring polishes left untried from last year, so instead of waiting until the weather turns warm(and since I know there will be more new spring releases to try at that time), I’m going to wear them now, in the month of Valentine’s Day. 🙂 China Glaze Gothic Lolita (Electropop, Spring 2012) is a medium-light warm purple with subtle red and blue shimmer:

Gothic Lolita

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well, giving full coverage in two coats. The shimmer is hard to pick out, even in this macro shot. The finish doesn’t look sparkly, but instead the shimmer gives it a sort of pearlescent glow. The color seems more Sweet Lolita than Gothic Lolita to me, but it is lovely. I’d call it a lighter purple, but it’s more of a light bright and definitely not lavender/lilac pale. It’s relatively bold, but still looks delicate and springlike. To bring a little more goth into the equation, I paired this with Chanel Black Velvet on my toes.


I’d like to split this month between dark, vampy colors and postseason blues and greys. Since the MLB regular season isn’t quite over yet, I’m kicking off October with Chanel Vertigo (Les Essentiels de Chanel, Fall 2012), a smoky, dark grey-brown with a subtle bronzey red shimmer:

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied very smoothly and was well-pigmented; I needed two coats for full coverage. Though technically this is a shimmer, it’s very, very subtle, so slight that it’s not even that obvious in bright light. The finish looks so pretty when the sun hits it and lights up that shimmer, but most of the time it will look like a creme. Not that I mind too much, because the base color is gorgeous. It’s such an interesting shade that’s hard to describe or pinpoint. If I wanted to define it in simple terms, I’d call it a taupe, because of the blend of grey and brown tones. However, it’s not quite like any taupe I have in my collection. I love just how dark and smoky it is; it gives a vampy vibe to a color I wouldn’t normally consider vampy. There’s something about this that says “Old Hollywood” to me; maybe I’m being influenced by the name. I paired this with Essie Rock Star Skinny on my toes.


Naturally I followed up my last mani with the only other polish I got from this collection.  Essie Bikini So Teeny (Resort Collection, 2012) is a light, bright powder blue creme with very subtle shimmer:

Picture taken in sunlight. (Sorry about the weird shadows!) This applied pretty well; I thought I could make it work in two coats but I ultimately needed three for even coverage. I have many light blues, but this isn’t one of those sky blues that have a turquoise tone in them; this one is totally blue. It’s light, but not light enough to have that true pastel look. This may be a relatively light shade, but because it’s so bright it makes a colorful impact. I didn’t even realize it until I was doing my nails, but there’s a very subtle silver shimmer in this; the tiny, irregular flaky kind. It’s so subtle that you can barely see it in the bottle in direct light, let alone on the nail, and after topcoat it practically disappears. It’s one of those things that you won’t see unless you’re looking for it. I wish it was more visible, but I still love its pretty, clean and fresh look. The color is also very calming; it makes me wish I could be relaxing on the beach or on a boat. 😀 I quite like the name, too; the tiny-cut bikinis are the best-looking ones! I paired this with Essie Playa Del Platinum on my toes.


For the 4th of July tomorrow, I wanted to wear a red polish, and I picked one that’s still in line with my Brit theme, as Wimbeldon progresses through the quarterfinals. Nails Inc. St. James is a bright candy apple red with subtle shimmer:

Picture taken in sunlight. (This actually looks a little more bright-red in real life.) This applied well and was quite pigmented, but for some reason I still needed three coats for full, even coverage (just to cover up very slight bald spots.) Doing three coats was no problem, though, because the formula was smooth. When I first saw this I assumed it was a creme so of course I went for it. It was only after I gave it a closer inspection that I saw it was full of very subtle shimmer. You can kind of see it in the photo, but it is easy to miss if you’re not looking for it. The shimmer may be subtle, but it’s not one of those polishes that I would call a creme for all intents and purposes. Normally when I see solidly pigmented polishes with subtle shimmers, I say that the shimmer gives a slight sheen to the finish, but in this case, the shimmer gives the finish a sort of glowy appearance. This is best viewed in direct light; not only does it bring out the pretty shimmer, but it brings out the true brightness of the color. I love this shade, it’s a quintessential pin-up red. It’s bright and warm, but not too orange. Doing three coats gives a very high level of pigmentation, which just makes it look so red. It totally makes me think of the Red Apple flavor of Jelly Belly jellybeans, the one that’s bright red and opaque. 🙂 I paired this with Essie Mesmerize on my toes.




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