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I realized that I’ve not yet worn a pink on my tips since I’ve started blogging!  This surprised me, ’cause I love pink. 🙂  Sally Hansen Torrid Bloom (Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Salon, Fall 2008) is a deep pink creme:

Picture taken in natural light.  In real life the color looks more vibrant and a bit darker.  This applied wonderfully; the formula was very smooth and easy to work with.  It’s also very pigmented; I barely needed two coats.  True to its name, this color does remind me of flowers.  I paired this with Essie Lovie Dovie on my toes.



After all the reds and greens I’ve done this month I felt like doing something different.  Sally Hansen Tassel (Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Salon, Spring 2009) is a warm gold metallic:

Picture taken in natural light (well, as much light as I could get; it’s rainy out).  This applied fairly well in two coats.  Brushstrokes weren’t that bad considering it’s a metallic.  I actually had to redo a couple of my nails because I got some horrible bubbling.  I think that was probably my fault though because my second try turned out fine.  This type of shade and finish isn’t my favorite, so I’m not terribly excited about this polish, although it is pretty.  I paired this with Barielle Make it a Latte on my toes. 


Unlike Sarah, as my nail polish collection grows I use seasonal colors/themes just to make sure I don’t end up using a light blue nail polish (my favorite) every single time I manicure. I decided to use an orange, Nasturtium from Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen (Spring 2009) because Rachael Ray was making pumpkin soup on Thanksgiving in 60:

The first time I used this polish was this spring when it released and I hated it. It looked melon-orange in the bottle but dried much darker, more like a vibrant but dark red-orange creme, and I didn’t think it was suitable for Spring. Now that it’s November I think that the color is just lovely and reminds me of everything Autumn. The first coat goes on kind of streaky but what you see here is 2 thin coats and a layer of Seche Vite.

Maybe now it’s time to figure out what a Nasturtium actually is?

^.^  Jules



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