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It’s been a hectic few days; I’ve just relocated to Paris! I meant to post this NOTD before I left but never got around to doing it. Nails Inc. Tate is a deep blood red jellyish creme:


Picture taken in natural light. This applied well; this could probably qualify as a “crelly” because it’s slightly translucent (more so than a creme that’s just not highly pigmented), but has a degree of opacity that keeps it from being a true jelly. I still used three coats for full opacity. The color definitely deepens from the second to third coat, so if you wanted to keep the color brighter, it still looks okay at two coats. This is definitely one of those classic reds that could be that one staple in someone’s collection (not me, though, since I can’t keep track of how many red cremes I have. :)) This one seems to look different under various lighting conditions; sometimes it looks like it has a brown tone to it, and other times it looks like a very deep cherry red. This was the last Nails Inc. polish I have that was still untried, so I’m glad to have worn it. I paired this with China Glaze Calypso Blue on my toes.


Red cremes are one type of polish I’d wear year-round. I can’t believe I haven’t worn one since winter, so I’m remedying that with Essie Russian Roulette, a cherry red jelly:

Russian Roulette

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well, and since it’s a jelly, the formula is slightly sheer. This builds nicely, and it looked pretty good at two coats, but I used three to get a higher degree of opacity. Though I applied this to make it look as opaque as a creme, it’s still obvious that the finish is a jelly. It’s very glossy, even without topcoat, and it has that recognizable squishy look. I feel like it’s very summer-appropriate, due to the translucency of the finish, and because it’s a fairly bright shade of red. This is another that could fall into the category of “pin-up reds;” I never tire of wearing those. 🙂 I paired this with China Glaze Sea Spray on my toes.


I’ve been wearing a lot of glowy polishes lately. This one isn’t a neon, but is still glowy in its own way. OPI Innie Minnie Mightie Bow (Couture de Minnie) is a bold, bright cherry red with red shimmer:

Innie Minnie Mightie Bow

Picture taken in weak sunlight. This applied very well, and went on smoothly in two coats. I normally associate this type of red polish with the holiday season, but I love wearing reds all year round. This shade of cherry red is one I’d definitely expect to see in a Minnie Mouse themed collection. This is the type of shimmer that has an almost metallic-like finish. It has very slight brushstrokes, but the shimmer covers them up; as long as you paint in straight strokes, they shouldn’t be obvious. The shimmer may be delicate, but it’s definitely noticeable, and contributes to the polish’s gorgeous, amazing glow. I paired this with NARS Kutki on my toes.


This isn’t part of the Bond Girls collection, but I always choose a red for my 4th of July mani. Since I’m on a Liquid Sand tear, I thought it would be the perfect time to wear OPI Magazine Cover Mouse (Couture de Minnie), a textured red, gold, and pink glitter in a bright strawberry red base:

Magazine Cover Mouse

Picture taken in natural light. (Click to see in greater detail. I wish I had had sunlight to take this picture in, but what I like about Liquid Sands is that they still look great in natural light photos.) This applied well; I already got full coverage at one coat, but I did two for a greater color payoff. This has such a similar look to Jinx, but I like this even more because it’s a red! While it’s still wet, it looks like those beautiful red microglitters that seem come around every holiday season (especially for OPI), but when this is fully dry the glitter rises to the surface and the finish totally changes. Again, I’m amazed that even without topcoat, this finish is really sparkly and doesn’t look flat at all. This may be my favorite red glitter; of course I love the look and feel of it, but I also appreciate the low-maintenance factor (since it dries quickly and topcoat isn’t needed.) The combination of glitter works really well; the red and pink don’t clash at all, and they both look nice with the gold. I really love this shade of red, it has me craving strawberries and cream. 🙂 I paired this with Essie Smooth Sailing on my toes.


I definitely had to fit in one more red creme before the end of February. China Glaze Red Satin (Holiday Joy, Holiday 2012) is a cool cherry red creme:

Red Satin

Picture taken in sunlight. The formula was smooth and applied well. It’s more of a jelly-creme than a solid creme, so it has a slightly squishy, translucent look, but I still only used two coats for full coverage. This is the cool counterpart to With Love. If that sort of red makes me think of pin-ups, this sort of red makes me think of classic, old Hollywood glamour. The sunlight in my photo is really brightening the shade, but in low light it does look darker. Although I’m sure I have other similar polishes, I’m glad I didn’t skip this one either! My nails are a little longer now and I just love how this red looks on them. Its finish makes me think of maraschino cherries. 🙂 I paired this with China Glaze Blue Paradise on my toes.


I’m concluding a week of reds with Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers (“Celebrate” 10th Anniversary Set), a black base with red glitter and hex sequins:

Ruby Red Slippers

Picture taken in sunlight. The black base is on the sheer side but it’s absolutely loaded with red glitter. This applied well, and I managed to get an even distribution of glitter on the nail. I got full coverage in three coats. This requires two coats of topcoat to smooth the finish out, but one is enough to set it nicely. I love how much red glitter there is; it’s definitely not just sprinkled in there! It’s so densely packed that from a distance, it can almost look like a just a dark red glitter. Even without the suggestion of the name, this makes me think of Dorothy’s ruby slippers, with a gothic twist. It seems like a Christmasy color scheme, but I was thinking Oz when I paired this with Barielle Date Night on my toes.


I’m jumping the gun by a few hours, but Happy Valentine’s Day! Last year I wore Love Marilyn and I really loved it, so this time I thought I’d wear what looks to be its gold counterpart. China Glaze Pure Joy (Holiday Joy, Holiday 2012) is a red and gold hexagonal glitter packed in a clear base:

Pure Joy

Picture taken in sunlight. The glitter is dense enough to build to opacity on its own. It looked almost there in two coats, but I needed a third for full, even coverage. The surface stays pretty rough after only one coat of topcoat, but I just wanted to set the polish and I wasn’t really after a glassy-smooth finish. This pretty much looks like Love Marilyn but with gold hex glitter instead of silver. There’s a good amount of gold glitter, more than the silver in Love Marilyn, so it provides more than just sparse pops of a contrasting color. The gold breaks up the red nicely without overtaking it. The shade of red glitter appears warmer than in Love Marilyn. I’m not sure if it’s actually a different red, or if the gold glitter just gives a warmer overall cast to the color. I’m not complaining about the similarity, because I love this polish too! It’s very sparkly and absolutely gorgeous. I paired this with China Glaze Midnight Kiss on my toes.


I thought it’d be perfect to kick off Valentine’s week not just with a red creme, but one that has a name like this. China Glaze With Love (Holiday Joy, Holiday 2012) is a bright warm red creme:

With Love

Picture taken in sunlight. The formula was smooth and very pigmented; I got full coverage in two coats. This is a very warm shade, as warm as a red can be before veering off into red-orange territory. It’s also very bright and falls under that fantastic pin-up red category.  Although I have many bright red cremes already, I’m glad I didn’t skip this one; it just has a great presence on the nail. It may have been released with a holiday collection, but with the color and name, it just screams “valentine” to me. It’s probably because I’m wearing it around this time of year, but it has me feeling amorous. 😉 I paired this with Sephora by OPI Forever Wild on my toes.


For my last mani of the year, and the last in this series of reds, I’m wearing OPI Danke-shiny Red (Germany, Fall 2012), a cool candy apple red metallic shimmer:

Danke-shiny Red

Picture taken in weak sunlight. (This looks more cool-toned than the photo reflects.) This was well pigmented and applied very smoothly in two coats. The formula is metallic, but the shimmer hides any brushstrokes. Metallic finishes, even the shimmery ones, aren’t my favorite because of the brushstrokes, but I love them when they come in a rich color, and when they have that certain glow to them. This one definitely has both! This shade of red is on the cool side. It’s not exactly bright but still looks very vibrant because of the glow from the metallic finish. The glow on this one seems really intense, too. I can definitely imagine this being a car color. The name inevitably reminds me of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, though. 😉 I paired this with Sally Hansen Midnight in NY (Complete Salon Manicure) on my toes.

Happy New Year!


I may have tried another red glitter just a couple of manis ago, but this is a different animal. My last glitterbomb of the year is a sure stunner. Nails Inc. Covent Garden Market (The After Party Set) is a bright ruby red glitter packed in a clear base:

Covent Garden Market

Picture taken in sunlight. (I actually did this mani yesterday but it’d have been a shame to not photograph this without decent light.) There’s a sticker on the bottle cap that says this is a full coverage glitter, and that claim is definitely accurate! I got full coverage in two coats. While still wet, the glitter tends to get pushed to the nail tip with a normal brush stroke, so I filled in bald spots between coats with a dabbing motion instead. I also painted and did cleanup on each nail one by one, since wet glitter is much easier to manipulate. The formula was good, though it did thicken up as I continued to use it, as is typical of this kind of glitter. It does dry flat on its own, but even a single coat of topcoat will bring out its lovely depth. (More coats of topcoat would be needed to achieve a glassy smooth surface.) This is probably the best clear-based glitter I’ve ever tried! Not only does it achieve full coverage in only two coats, but both the color and finish are gorgeous! This shade of red is not just bright, but very vibrant. It has this glow that I don’t typically see in glitterbomb finishes. Obviously it sparkles beautifully under bright light, but it still looks so dimensional even in low light. It’s not obvious on the finished mani, but there are different sizes of glitter in there. It may only be small and smaller sizes, but this subtle difference goes a long way in making the overall finish more interesting. This polish looks so glamorous and sexy; it’s definitely distracting because I find myself staring at my nails too often. 🙂 I paired this with China Glaze Little Drummer Boy on my toes.




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