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In previous years I’ve reserved January for trying dark colors that seem apt for the cold season. That didn’t happen so much this year, but I thought I’d harken back to that theme with this polish. It’s not new but I finally picked this up in my most recent haul, so it’s relatively new to my own collection. China Glaze Stone Cold (The Hunger Games Capitol Colors) is a matte charcoal with silver microshimmer:

Stone Cold

Picture taken in weak sunlight. I had forgotten how awesome mattes are, particularly this “suede” variety. True to a matte formula, you have to work fast when you paint or risk major cuticle drag.  This one flowed very smoothly. It could have been a one-coater due to its high pigmentation, but I ended up doing two coats, just to ensure coverage of bald spots. I’m sure this looks gorgeous with topcoat as well, but I embraced the suede finish and let it be. It dries and sets really fast, and is pretty hard-wearing, especially for a mani that’s without the protection of a topcoat. I also love the texture of the finish; often times I would find myself running my fingerpads over my nails. Another plus of the finish is that the shimmer is clearly visible even in low light. The charcoal color is great; it’s at a level of darkness that really makes the silver microshimmer stand out. I wish more new suede polishes would come out, because I’m falling in love with this finish all over again! I paired it with RGB Cosmetics Steel on my toes.



I really felt like doing a quick mani today, so I reached for a trusty suede.  OPI OPI Ink Suede (Suede, Fall 2009) is a blurple packed with silver microshimmer:

Picture taken in natural light.  This applied well, and was opaque and even in two coats.  At first glance, this might look blue, but then you see how purple it looks, especially compared to something that’s truly blue, like Russian Navy Suede.  (It goes without saying that this is photographing more blue than it is in real life.  I wish the purple tone would come out!)  I don’t like photographing this kind of color because it never turns out accurately, but I do love this color; it’s inky blurple goodness.  I’m always amazed by how fast these polishes dry, and I’ve already said it, but I love the texture!  I paired this with OPI OPI Ink on my toes.


I’ve been getting into fall colors, so I thought I’d start wearing fall textures, too.  OPI Russian Navy Suede (Suede, Fall 2009) is a navy blue packed with silver microshimmer:

Picture taken in sunlight.  I haven’t used one of these in a while, but I remembered to load the brush with polish to get a smooth, flowing application.  I got opaque, even coverage in two coats.  Since it applied well and dried quickly, I finished my mani in no time at all.  I absolutely love the look and feel of the finish.  Combined with the color, the whole effect reminds me of denim.  I paired this with OPI Russian Navy on my toes. 😉


I’ve been sporting neutral cremes on my tips this month but I decided to try the color in a different finish this time.  OPI You Don’t Know Jacques! Suede (Suede, Fall 2009) is a taupe packed with silver microshimmer:

Picture taken in natural light.  This applied well in two coats.  For once, I decided to skip the topcoat and leave this suede matte.  It makes for a very quick mani!  Now that I’ve gotten used to the formula, I find it a breeze to apply, and it dries in no time at all.  I love the texture, I can’t help but touch it. 🙂  I paired this with Barielle Nauti-Gal on my toes.


Today I felt like doing another French manicure (not like that, hehe).  OPI We’ll Always Have Paris Suede (Suede, Fall 2009) is a purplish rose packed with silver microshimmer:

Picture taken in natural light.  This applied well, like the two other suedes I’ve tried.  I got full coverage in two coats.  This one looks particularly pretty topcoated.  I paired it with OPI Glove You So Much! on my toes.

This is another polish I like not just for the color, but the name as well.  I really, really love Paris (and France as a whole, really).  The architecture is absolutely gorgeous (quite different from where I live), I enjoy the food very much, and I just adore the atmosphere.  It’s cool that no buildings in the city are allowed to be made taller than the Eiffel Tower; it creates a stunning landscape.  And there’s so many things to do and see…ahh I wanna go back!  (Haha, I totally sound like some sort of travel brochure but I just love the place that much!)

Paris, je t’aime.


Even though I’ve only tried a couple, I’m loving the OPI Suedes.  I hope they’ll release more next season!  OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees Suede (Suede, Fall 2009) is a charcoal packed with silver microshimmer:

Picture taken in natural light.  This is the second suede I’ve tried and I love the formula!  Even though it takes a bit of getting used to at first, it’s very easy to control.  I reached full opacity in two coats.  The base color is very similar to the original Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees, which I also love.  Again, this does look great without a topcoat but I prefer it with one.  I paired this with Orly Mirror Mirror on my toes.


I love matte nails!  I like the matte polishes with shimmer more than the flat, creme mattes.  Lincoln Park After Dark Suede (Suede, Fall 2009) is an eggplant purple packed with silver microshimmer:


Picture taken in natural light.  This was the first time I’ve worked with a matte polish (as opposed to a matte topcoat).  The consistency was so different from regular polish, but I found that this applied well in two coats.  It also dried very quickly.  Now, I did put a topcoat over this because I couldn’t stand the fact that without one, this would probably get chiptastic right away.  That’s why I prefer using matte topcoats with regular polish instead.  I love this shade of purple.  I think I like this better with topcoat!  I paired this with OPI Give Me Moor! on my toes.




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