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This polish seems out of place with all the brights I’ve been trying lately, but this is actually one of the few Nails Inc. polishes I have left untried! I thought I would end up using this during the London Olympics, but I have many other metallics to try in that time, so I just moved this up to wear during Wimbledon, through the semifinals. Nails Inc. Trafalgar Square (Magnetic Polish) is a gunmetal metallic shimmer:

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well, although it was not as pigmented as I remember the other two I’ve tried being. After applying the first coat, there were some bald spots left behind so I did some touch-ups to cover those up to ensure I would get opacity by the second coat (the one I would be holding the magnet over.) The finish is a little brushstroke-y but overall not too bad. The original color is a lighter gunmetal, then the magnet brings out a dark gunmetal, providing a great contrast. I bought this, Houses of Parliament and Whitehall in the same set (the box that comes with only one magnet) but strangely, my usual technique of holding the magnet in one place over the nail only managed to magnetize a portion of each nail. (I don’t like rocking the magnet from side to side because it doesn’t create as crisp of a pattern and sometimes I just end up touching the nail with the magnet.) I had to completely redo some nails and do some experimentation. The technique that seemed to work best was painting only one half of the nail, magnetizing it, then repeating on the other half, so I could get the magnetic effect over the whole nail. I stress again to let this dry a little before applying topcoat, because the pattern can be smeared. There’s no doubt that the magnetic effect looks very cool, when you can get it just right, but after only having done this three times, I find the process hassling. I didn’t like doing the cleanup work on a nail, only having to do it over just because the magnetic pattern didn’t turn out nicely. I do love the way it looks, but not enough that I’m jumping to buy more magnetic polishes (and there have been a lot that have come out just this year, from China Glaze Color Club to Orly, and even more Nails Inc. ones.) There are more colors and pretty patterns on offer but I’d sooner take a solid creme or a sparkly microglitter. I paired this with Essie Great Expectations on my toes.


After loving Houses of Parliament so much, I was eager to try another magnetic polish. I filed my nails right after that mani, so I waited for my nails to grow back to that same length to try Nails Inc. Whitehall (Magnetic Polish), a deep teal green metallic shimmer:

Picture taken in artificial light (In the absence of good sunlight, artificial light will have to do.) This applied well; it was very smooth and pigmented.  The finish has that liquid metal look, but it looks shimmery instead of having horrid frosty brushstrokes.  Again, I applied the first coat to all my nails, then, nail by nail, applied the second coat followed by holding the magnetic cap over. It’s important to use the magnet immediately after applying the polish; if you move too slowly the magnetic effect won’t happen. I was mistaken the first time I tried Nails Inc.’s magnetic polish; the magnet doesn’t create lighter stripes; it creates the darker ones, while the light areas are the original color. I really don’t know how I didn’t see that before. I can’t explain why, but the effect/finish combined with the color give off a sort of jungle-like, reptilian vibe to me. I love this look; I keep staring at my nails! I paired this with OPI Cuckoo for this Color on my toes.


To break up the monotony of vampy cremes, I’ve prepared shimmery or glittery polishes to wear over the weekends.  Nails Inc. Houses of Parliament (Magnetic Polish) is a silvery purple metallic shimmer:

Picture taken in sunlight.  This applied well; it was very pigmented and went on smoothly.  I followed the directions given, which were to apply one coat to all the nails, then, nail by nail, apply a second coat then hold the magnet over.  I do like that the cap has that little piece that I can rest on my finger to keep the magnet from actually touching the nail.  I’d wait a couple of extra minutes before applying topcoat, since it could smear the stripes.  This may be a metallic  polish, but it’s the shimmery kind, not the brushstoke-y frosty kind.  The magnetic effect does look really cool, revealing the lighter silver-purple shade against the darker.  It looks like there’s a permanent glint of light on my nails.  I got the trio of metallic polishes and now I can’t wait to try the rest!  I paired this with Milani Dot Com on my toes.




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