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After wearing and loving Cameo so much, I was really looking forward to trying the polish I bought along with it. Illamasqua Noble is a vibrant robin’s egg blue creme:


Picture taken in sunlight. The formula was smooth and applied well in two coats, plus some touchups. Just like Cameo, this color was very bold; it has a great, strong presence on the nail. But while Cameo was a soothing, calming type of color, this shade is incredibly bright and vibrant. I’m used to seeing robin’s egg blue in lighter or pastel forms, so it’s nice to see something a bit different. This was so bold that I was almost inclined to call it a teal! Whichever way this shade is defined, it’s absolutely stunning. Though it can probably work year-round, I’m glad I tried it at this point in the summer. It makes me think of both water and the sky. I paired this with Chanel Riviera on my toes.


It always feels nice to finally wear a long-standing untried. This bottle was sitting unopened in my Helmer for four years! Illamasqua Poke is a bright violet with fine, multicolored shimmer:


Picture taken in sunlight. The formula was buttery smooth, but not that pigmented, so I used three thin coats for full opacity. It needs to be a little sheer, anyway, to let all that shimmer shine through. This can look brushstroke-y, but the shimmer and painting straight strokes help cover it up. It’s great that the color still looks as bold as it does, even without a high pigmentation. This is an absolutely gorgeous shade of purple! It looks rich and velvety, yet bright at the same time. The shimmer is fine but adds a very intense sparkle. It’s multicolored, but the color that stands out to me the most is turquoise, which provides a lovely contrast against the violet base color. They are not even close to being dupes of each other, but since they are both purples with greenish shimmer, I’m thinking this is like a cousin to Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie. I paired this with OPI Jade is the New Black on my toes.


I was wearing mostly blues and greens in June, but I had a couple of extras that I didn’t get the chance to try; this is one of them. Illamasqua Cameo is a bold cornflower blue creme:


Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well, going on smoothly in two coats, with touchups in between. This is a gorgeous shade of blue! It looks soft and slightly dusty, since cornflower blue just has that quality to it, but it looks bold at the same time, since it’s so highly pigmented. I can’t even remember when I bought this, but I’m pretty sure it was cold outside. I’m not sure if this even belongs to a seasonal collection (this was a Sephora exclusive but now it’s also sold through Illamasqua’s website), but it seems perfect to wear now. The color is so calming; it makes me think of warm, breezy summer days (Summer isn’t even over yet and I’m already feeling nostalgic about it!) I paired this with Chanel Mistral on my toes.


Most of the blues and greens I’ve tried so far this month have been really spring/summer-appropriate shades, so I’m trying one that’s a little unexpected for the season. Illamasqua Venous (Spring 2013) is a medium greenish teal creme:


Picture taken in weak sunlight (Please pardon the injury! I hope it heals fast so it won’t appear in many more of my NOTDs.) The formula was smooth and applied well in two coats. At first this struck me as a more fall-appropriate shade, since it wasn’t light and bright like the polishes I’ve been wearing recently. The more I look at it, though, the more I see it as spring-appropriate. It’s dusty, but not very muted. It’s kind of like a springy version of Essie School of Hard Rocks (both remind me of chalkboards.) It’s not the first shade I picture when I think of teal, but it just fits under that category, as one that has more green than blue. The name intrigues me; I normally wouldn’t think of this as the color of veins, but when I looked at my wrist, the shade seems like a match! I paired this with OPI Wooden Shoe Like to Know? on my toes.


Naturally, I had to follow up my previous NOTD with Illamasqua Harem (Spring 2013), an orchid pink creme:


Picture taken in natural light. This applied smoothly and was solidly pigmented, but had a streaky appearance, being a light color and all.  I needed three coats for even coverage. This isn’t exactly a pastel, I’d just call it a light yet bright color, but it has the same quality of creme finish like Caress, with those sort of powdery particles. It’s something you notice more while painting than in the finished mani. I love the color, especially because it’s really pigmented. It’s a delicate, springy shade but its starkness gives it a strong look on the nail.  I immediately thought of Crayola orchid when I saw this. I paired it with OPI Did It On ‘Em on my toes.


After a whole week of orange/coral/pink polishes, I switched over to something cooler in tone. Illamasqua Superstition (Spring 2013) is a fuchsia creme:


Picture taken in weak sunlight. This applied well, though it wasn’t one of those solidly pigmented cremes, so I needed three coats for full coverage. On the first coat, it looks really pink, then takes on more of a purple tone with additional coats, and it ends up looking fuchsia. This is pretty, but not unique; it’s in the same family as Grab and Obsess. There’s not much to say about it, but it’s still worth getting, particularly if you don’t already own the other two. I didn’t really need this, but I just liked getting all three polishes from this collection. I’m not exactly sure which collection this belongs to; it seems to go along with Harem and Venous, but unlike the other two, which are also available on Illamasqua’s site, this one is only available through Sephora. I paired it with OPI Fly on my toes.


This doesn’t fit in with the bright, springy theme but I have just a couple of black polishes I really wanted to try sooner rather than later in the fall. Illamasqua Creator (Generation Q, Fall 2012) is a rich black base loaded with short silver bar glitter and some holographic hexagonal glitter:


Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well; I used two coats with touchups in between for full coverage. When I first applied this I thought the silver glitter was of the tiny, broken irregular flake variety, but I was surprised to see that it’s actually very short bar glitter! I normally loathe bar glitter but here it’s so small that it doesn’t immediately register as being that kind. There are some hexagonal holographic pieces in there but they’re so sparse that I wouldn’t count on getting one on your nails (I managed to get one on my thumb, though.) This has definitely jumped near the top of my favorite black with silver glitter polishes. Despite being loaded with silver glitter, the black base never appears charcoal-looking; it stays this very dark, obsidian-like shade. It’s the best of both worlds, dark and sparkly. I paired this with Chanel Nouvelle Vague on my toes.


For Easter tomorrow I’m wearing the last of these speckled polishes I have (I didn’t buy the tan, Freckle.) Illamasqua Fragile (I’mperfection, Spring 2013) is a pale pastel sky blue creme with black hex glitter and fine black glitter:


Picture taken in sunlight. This applied very well like the rest; I used three coats for really solid, opaque coverage. I really like how the finish gets smooth with just one coat of topcoat, even though the creme base is full of glitter. It’s hard to pick a favorite from this collection, but if I absolutely had to, I’d pick this one, just because I adore pastel blues. This shade looks so light and airy. It’s pale, but also perfectly stark, and not too whited-out. It’s such a sweet and dreamy blue! I own a couple of similarly-colored creme polishes, so I appreciate the unique addition of the black glitter. I really love this speckled look; Illamasqua did a great job with making these polishes truly look like speckled candy eggs. They make for delicious-looking nails, too. 🙂 I paired this with Illamasqua Caress on my toes.


The next speckled polish I had on my list is Illamasqua Scarce (I’mperfection, Spring 2013) a light, dusty pink creme with black hex glitter and fine black glitter:


Picture taken in sunlight. (The sun is washing out the color a bit; it looks a little darker in natural light.) This applied well, needing three coats for full coverage. With this one I did experience some wrinkling at the tips after applying quick-drying topcoat. This is such an intriguing shade of pink! I wouldn’t call it a true pastel because it just doesn’t seem stark or whited-out enough. It definitely doesn’t look like pastel pinks I’ve tried before. It’s a warm shade, and slightly dusty. Even though it’s not a traditional pastel, the black glitter totally makes it look like those speckled candy eggs. I love how sweet it looks! I paired this with Illamasqua Nudge on my toes.


Up next in this line of speckled polishes is Illamasqua Mottle (I’mperfection, Spring 2013), a pastel sage-mint creme with black hex glitter and fine black glitter:


Picture taken in sunlight. The formula seemed thick but still applied well in three coats. I tried doing thinner coats this time and I didn’t experience any wrinkling at the tips after topcoat. The color reminds me of a more pastel version of Milf, so I described this shade of green similarly. It’s not a typical shade of mint, which has a more aquamarine tone, but I do still think of it as one. The more I look at it, the more I love it! It has this really retro vibe. The pastel shade also really works well with the black glitter. In addition to looking like candy eggs, it also reminds me of mint chip ice cream. Once again I’m left wanting to eat my nails. 🙂 I paired this with Illamasqua Wink on my toes.




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