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This is a departure from the blues and greens I’ve been trying, but I think this is the last untried polish I have from this collection so I just wanted to get it done. China Glaze Glitter All The Way (Holiday Joy, Holiday 2012) is a mix of gold, green, purple and red glitter in a clear base:

Glitter All The Way

Picture taken in weak sunlight. The formula was like any glitter in a clear base. I applied a first, patchy coat to give the additional coats something to grip, then applied a thick second coat to really build opacity, then a thin third coat to ensure complete, even coverage. I only used one coat of topcoat but two or more would be needed to get a glassy smooth finish. I labeled this a gold for categorization’s sake, but to me, this doesn’t really have a predominant color. All the colors contrast nicely and really stand apart from each other, but there’s an even amount of all four so there’s no main color. The glitter is hexagonal; the gold, purple and red glitter are tiny, while the green glitter is slightly larger, but still very small. As many have noted, this looks perfect for Mardi Gras! I paired this with OPI Dutch ‘Ya Just Love OPI? on my toes.



After weeks of mostly cremes, I wanted to throw in one glitter before getting into another row of cremes. China Glaze Pizzazz (Holiday Joy, Holiday 2012) is a mainly silver multicolored blend of small and large hex glitter in a clear base:


Picture taken in sunlight. This is really a polish that’s meant to be layered, as it’s not that dense of a glitter, but with some work it can be opaque on its own. I didn’t really paint this on like a normal polish; I put a lot of glitter on the nail then spread it around, then let that initial “coat” dry a little, then filled in any empty spots with more glitter. I also moved the glitter around with a cuticle stick to get nice, even lines. When you look at this close up, you can see all the different colors of glitter: silver, fuchsia, sky blue, green, orange, yellow. But from a distance, the silver really dominates. Next time I use this I’ll probably put it over black to make all those colors pop, but I just wanted to see what this sort of “party in a bottle” glitter would look like on its own. I paired this with OPI Metallic 4 Life on my toes.


Since I didn’t haul this until after the holidays, I knew I’d end up wearing this as my St. Patrick’s Day green this year. China Glaze Winter Holly (Holiday Joy, Holiday 2012) is a fine forest green, gold and holographic glitter in a clear base:

Winter Holly

Picture taken in sunlight. The glitter is fine so the formula was not as thick and clumpy as standard-sized glitters can get. The first coat looked patchy, but it’s nearly opaque by the second coat, and fully opaque by the third. It’s pretty smooth after just one coat of topcoat, not glassy-smooth but definitely not gritty or bumpy. This is gorgeous! I love the deep forest green color, and how it’s nicely broken up with some gold glitter. That would have been lovely enough on its own, but the holographic glitter really takes it over the top! It’s a scattered holo effect and not a linear one, but there’s still so much holo glitter in there. I see it sparkle and flash whenever I move my nails around in the light; it’s really stunning. St. Patrick’s Day is a couple of days away from when I put this on on Friday, but this is such a hard-wearing finish that I’m confident it’ll still look like new on Sunday. 🙂 I doubled up on green and paired this with China Glaze Glittering Garland on my toes.



I love pop art, so I was a bit disappointed that from a nail polish collection inspired by Andy Warhol, I only liked two enough to buy them, but my wallet thanks me. This mani I wore earlier in the week is the second of the two, NARS Superstar (Andy Warhol Color Collection, Holiday 2012), a deep teal creme:


Picture taken in sunlight. This applied very well and was nicely pigmented; I got full coverage in two smooth coats. I wouldn’t call it vibrant in a bright way, but it does look like a very bold, strong color on the nail, because of its solid opacity and pigmentation (the sunlight does make it look a bit washed out.) There’s not much else to say about it other than it’s a lovely teal creme. Teal is a color that can vary so much depending on how much blue or green it has (this one is more blue-leaning), so that’s why I think I can’t resist whenever I come across one in a new collection. They may all fit under the “teal” category, but none of them are quite exact dupes of each other. I paired this with Lippmann Purple Rain on my toes.


For the last weeks of winter, I’m trying to wear as many older fall and holiday collection polishes before I really dive in to this year’s new spring stuff. NARS New York Dolls (Andy Warhol Color Collection, Holiday 2012) is a smoky vibrant purple creme:

New York Dolls

Picture taken in natural light. This was highly pigmented and applied very smoothly in two coats. This photo shows off more of the shade’s vibrancy, but in natural light it does look more smoky. I’d expect a color that has dusty qualities to be soft, but I love how bold it actually looks. The high pigmentation definitely contributes to that; it looks so solid and creamy on the nail. It may be “just a creme,” but it’s simply gorgeous. I would expect a polish that’s part of a collection inspired by Andy Warhol to have a nice pop of color. It isn’t your traditional bright, but it still fits the bill! I paired this with Essie School of Hard Rocks on my toes.


I definitely had to fit in one more red creme before the end of February. China Glaze Red Satin (Holiday Joy, Holiday 2012) is a cool cherry red creme:

Red Satin

Picture taken in sunlight. The formula was smooth and applied well. It’s more of a jelly-creme than a solid creme, so it has a slightly squishy, translucent look, but I still only used two coats for full coverage. This is the cool counterpart to With Love. If that sort of red makes me think of pin-ups, this sort of red makes me think of classic, old Hollywood glamour. The sunlight in my photo is really brightening the shade, but in low light it does look darker. Although I’m sure I have other similar polishes, I’m glad I didn’t skip this one either! My nails are a little longer now and I just love how this red looks on them. Its finish makes me think of maraschino cherries. 🙂 I paired this with China Glaze Blue Paradise on my toes.


I’m jumping the gun by a few hours, but Happy Valentine’s Day! Last year I wore Love Marilyn and I really loved it, so this time I thought I’d wear what looks to be its gold counterpart. China Glaze Pure Joy (Holiday Joy, Holiday 2012) is a red and gold hexagonal glitter packed in a clear base:

Pure Joy

Picture taken in sunlight. The glitter is dense enough to build to opacity on its own. It looked almost there in two coats, but I needed a third for full, even coverage. The surface stays pretty rough after only one coat of topcoat, but I just wanted to set the polish and I wasn’t really after a glassy-smooth finish. This pretty much looks like Love Marilyn but with gold hex glitter instead of silver. There’s a good amount of gold glitter, more than the silver in Love Marilyn, so it provides more than just sparse pops of a contrasting color. The gold breaks up the red nicely without overtaking it. The shade of red glitter appears warmer than in Love Marilyn. I’m not sure if it’s actually a different red, or if the gold glitter just gives a warmer overall cast to the color. I’m not complaining about the similarity, because I love this polish too! It’s very sparkly and absolutely gorgeous. I paired this with China Glaze Midnight Kiss on my toes.


I thought it’d be perfect to kick off Valentine’s week not just with a red creme, but one that has a name like this. China Glaze With Love (Holiday Joy, Holiday 2012) is a bright warm red creme:

With Love

Picture taken in sunlight. The formula was smooth and very pigmented; I got full coverage in two coats. This is a very warm shade, as warm as a red can be before veering off into red-orange territory. It’s also very bright and falls under that fantastic pin-up red category.  Although I have many bright red cremes already, I’m glad I didn’t skip this one; it just has a great presence on the nail. It may have been released with a holiday collection, but with the color and name, it just screams “valentine” to me. It’s probably because I’m wearing it around this time of year, but it has me feeling amorous. 😉 I paired this with Sephora by OPI Forever Wild on my toes.


Happy Christmas! On this occasion I’m wearing another stunning red. Essie Leading Lady (Winter 2012) is a garnet red shimmer packed with ruby red glitter:

Leading Lady

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well, and pretty smoothly for a glitter-loaded formula. I got full coverage in two coats, with some touchups. As soon as I got this polish, I knew I’d end up wearing it for Christmas. I love it; it’s absolutely gorgeous! I didn’t expect the base to be a shimmer, so that was a nice, unique twist. I like that overall, the color looks darker than your typical, Christmasy ruby red. It’s a little vampy! The brightness comes from the glitter, which looks great against the darker red base. It kind of gives the finish that burning ember quality. It has that lit-from-within look as well. This is a glitter, after all, so it has a beautiful sparkle. I can see why this is called “Leading Lady,” it definitely looks glamorous. I paired it with China Glaze Jolly Holly on my toes.


Starting with this pre-Christmas mani, I have a slew of reds to try through the end of December. Chanel Malice (Éclats du Soir, Holiday 2012) is a deep, ruby-burgundy shimmer:


Picture taken in weak sunlight. The formula was so smooth and glided on effortlessly in two coats. This is breathtakingly gorgeous! The contrast between the darker red base and the brighter red shimmer is perfect. It’s deep and vampy but not almost-black. It definitely has that lit-from within look, where the color looks brighter in the center and darker around the edges. It also has a subtle metallic glow (the brushstrokes are totally covered up by the shimmer and are imperceptible as long as you paint in straight lines.) I catch myself staring at my nails a lot, especially when the delicate shimmer is illuminated by the light. The name may not be cheerful and holiday-like, but I love it anyway, and I think it’s very fitting for this wickedly sultry color. I paired it with OPI Tease-y Does It on my toes.




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