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When I bought this entire collection, I was eager to try them, because I really love the Liquid Sand finish, but I thought they’d be perfect to try during Wimbledon, since the James Bond franchise and The Championships are both quintessentially British. Over the tournament I’ll be wearing them all, starting with OPI Honey Ryder (The Bond Girls) is a textured light blonde gold metallic glitter:

Honey Ryder

Picture taken in weak sunlight. (The lack of strong sunlight doesn’t properly show off its sparkliness, but I was happy to get a photo that shows off the texture and doesn’t have glare, which I always have to deal with when photographing metallics). This applied well; as long as you work fast it won’t get cuticle draggy. If I was in a hurry I probably could’ve gotten away with one coat, but here I did two. It dries fast, but not instantly, so I’d wait about ten minutes to really let this set. I’m not often drawn to gold polishes, but this neutral shade is just the kind of gold I like the most. That, combined with this Liquid Sand finish that I absolutely love, makes this my favorite plain gold polish. The texture and glitter totally mask the brushstrokes that come along with a metallic finish. While painting I accidentally got a drop of polish on my knee, and when I wiped it away some of the grit was left behind, and it actually looked like real sand, which is particularly fitting, considering the inspiration for the name. The scene of white bikini-clad Ursula Andress coming out of the ocean and onto shore in Dr. No is one of the most iconic in Bond movie history! I paired this with OPI Vampsterdam on my toes.



This is a departure from the blues and greens I’ve been trying, but I think this is the last untried polish I have from this collection so I just wanted to get it done. China Glaze Glitter All The Way (Holiday Joy, Holiday 2012) is a mix of gold, green, purple and red glitter in a clear base:

Glitter All The Way

Picture taken in weak sunlight. The formula was like any glitter in a clear base. I applied a first, patchy coat to give the additional coats something to grip, then applied a thick second coat to really build opacity, then a thin third coat to ensure complete, even coverage. I only used one coat of topcoat but two or more would be needed to get a glassy smooth finish. I labeled this a gold for categorization’s sake, but to me, this doesn’t really have a predominant color. All the colors contrast nicely and really stand apart from each other, but there’s an even amount of all four so there’s no main color. The glitter is hexagonal; the gold, purple and red glitter are tiny, while the green glitter is slightly larger, but still very small. As many have noted, this looks perfect for Mardi Gras! I paired this with OPI Dutch ‘Ya Just Love OPI? on my toes.


This is another black polish I didn’t want to wait until the fall to try. I wanted to wear this one, especially, sooner rather than later, since I didn’t want it to sit untried in my Helmer for a couple of years like some of its counterparts, Bad Romance and Ruby Red Slippers. Lippmann Cleopatra in New York (Holiday 2012) is a black jelly base packed with different-sized gold hex glitter:

Cleopatra in New York

Picture taken in weak sunlight. The base was really loaded with glitter, so I found the formula really thick. Because the base was sheer and jelly-like, I ended up needing three coats for opacity. With three coats I got so much glitter on my nails but surprisingly the surface feels smooth with just one coat of topcoat. I don’t know why there are so many more black with silver glitter polishes out there, because black and gold is a great combination too! This is a neutral shade of gold; I like that it’s not too warm that it looks yellow, or too cool that it looks champagne rather than gold. I particularly love looking at this one from a distance; my nails look like they’re gilded with gold, and that gold really stands out against a black background. The luxurious look and the name make me think of the 1920s, so somehow I feel right wearing this during the weekend The Great Gatsby opens. I paired this with Chanel Jade on my toes.


To follow up my previous NOTD, I’m wearing the other polish I got from this collection, and I’m also wearing this color for Oscars weekend. Illamasqua Swinger (Naked Strangers, Summer 2012) is a light champagne gold metallic foil:


Picture taken in sunlight. The formula was smooth and applied very well in two coats. There are some brushstrokes but they’re hardly visible due to all the foily shimmer. It’s nicely opaque for something so sparkly so I imagine this would be good to use for nail art. When I was looking at this in the bottle, I saw a very faint amount of holographic glitter. It’s hardly noticeable in the bottle, so it doesn’t really transfer to the nail. I only see it when I really look for it, but it’s worth mentioning ’cause it’s in there somewhere. This is the kind of shade I look for in a gold polish. Aside from those antiqued, honey golds, I don’t really like yellow gold shades, so I like that this is more neutral to cool-toned. It really does make me think of champagne when I look at it. 🙂 I paired this with China Glaze Twinkle Lights over black on my toes.


I’m jumping the gun by a few hours, but Happy Valentine’s Day! Last year I wore Love Marilyn and I really loved it, so this time I thought I’d wear what looks to be its gold counterpart. China Glaze Pure Joy (Holiday Joy, Holiday 2012) is a red and gold hexagonal glitter packed in a clear base:

Pure Joy

Picture taken in sunlight. The glitter is dense enough to build to opacity on its own. It looked almost there in two coats, but I needed a third for full, even coverage. The surface stays pretty rough after only one coat of topcoat, but I just wanted to set the polish and I wasn’t really after a glassy-smooth finish. This pretty much looks like Love Marilyn but with gold hex glitter instead of silver. There’s a good amount of gold glitter, more than the silver in Love Marilyn, so it provides more than just sparse pops of a contrasting color. The gold breaks up the red nicely without overtaking it. The shade of red glitter appears warmer than in Love Marilyn. I’m not sure if it’s actually a different red, or if the gold glitter just gives a warmer overall cast to the color. I’m not complaining about the similarity, because I love this polish too! It’s very sparkly and absolutely gorgeous. I paired this with China Glaze Midnight Kiss on my toes.


It’s been a while since I’ve done a layered mani, and even longer since I’ve done one involving a glitter, instead of a crackle polish. Plus, this polish was the last I had from this collection left to try. China Glaze White Cap (Anchors Away, Spring 2011) is a golden tiny flake microglitter in a milky white base. I typically like to layer over black, but this time I thought I’d go for a winter white look, and I chose to put it over Illamasqua Load:

White Cap + Load

Picture taken in weak sunlight. Load applied as I’d remembered, needing three coats for an even finish. I added two coats of White Cap for a really dense, glittery look over the whole nail. The whole mani does involve a lot of coats but the end result looks so pretty! I like that it doesn’t look bright and stark, since Load is more of a creamy off-white. The golden microglitter looks so sweet and angelic; the tiny, crushed flakes sparkle delicately. I think this would’ve made for a nice holiday look too. Although it’s not snowing now, it seems perfect to wear during these wintry days that have been deathly cold.  I paired this with China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway on my toes.


I thought I’d wear a polish that seemed appropriate for tonight’s Golden Globes, but the color didn’t turn out quite as I’d expected. China Glaze Ray-diant (Prismatic Chroma Glitters, Spring 2012) is a golden-green glitter with multicolored glitter and hex pieces:


Picture taken in natural light. This applied well; I used three coats for total coverage. This was one of the ones that turned out relatively smoother on just one coat of topcoat. I couldn’t decide whether this was mostly gold or green, but now that I have it on I see that it’s both at the same time. I couldn’t manage to capture the gold aspect in photos, but there are times when it looks more obviously gold, and others when it looks more obviously green. This greenish-gold blend is the straight on color, then shifts to a more aqua green. Mixed with the multicolored glitters, the overall finish gives off sort of a Mardi Gras feel! I paired this with Sally Hansen Laser (HD) over Sally Hansen Blue It (Xtreme Wear) on my toes.


This is the last of the James Bond-themed polishes I have to try.  I may not have gotten the whole collection, but I loved all eight I did buy.  OPI Goldeneye (Skyfall, Holiday 2012) is a honey gold, tiny irregular flake glitter:


Picture taken in natural light. This applied well, and for a glitter in a clear base, was very opaque. I got total coverage in three coats. I don’t jump to buy gold polishes as much as I used to; though I like wearing gold jewelry, somehow I prefer silver polish. But this isn’t your standard yellow gold glitter. I find this honey gold a more flattering shade; it’s darker and has an antiqued look. I may just be seeing things but I think there’s orangey-copper glitter mixed in there to break up the uniformity of color. I also love this type of glitter! The irregularity in the shape of those tiny, crushed-up flakes makes for a more interesting finish.  Unfortunately I had no sun to photograph this in, but it does have a beautiful, almost foil-like sparkle. I paired this with China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald on my toes.


For Thanksgiving tomorrow I picked a glitterbomb of a polish, knowing it would hold up well during all the cooking, dishwashing, etc. China Glaze Electrify (The Hunger Games Capitol Colors) is a gold glitter, small gold hex glitter, and larger red hex glitter in a clear base:

Picture taken in sunlight. As with glitter polishes with this type of formula, it’s sheer at first but thickens up as you work with it, making it easier to get a solid coat. I ended up doing three for full coverage. It’s definitely a topcoat eater, so apply more than one coat if you’re after that glassy smooth finish. This isn’t one of those glitters where you have one dominant color and just a sprinkling of the other; there’s quite a bit of red in there! I’d still call this mainly a gold polish, because there is slightly more gold glitter, and two types of it as well, but the red glitter still has a strong presence on the nail. The two colors play off each other nicely; the bright red looks lovely mixed in with the warm gold. Of course, all that glitter means it’s super sparkly. 🙂 I paired this with China Glaze Ruby Pumps on my toes.

Happy Thanksgiving!


I started my Olympic manis with a gold, and I’m also ending with a gold. After all the polishes with brushed metallic finishes, I wanted my last to be something more festive. 🙂 China Glaze Blonde Bombshell (Eye Candy, Winter 2011) is a mix of yellow gold glitter in a clear base:

Picture taken in sunlight. Like the rest from this collection, this is a glitterbomb that can build to opacity on its own. I used three coats, with the first going on pretty sheer, then becoming totally opaque by the third. It’s a thick-looking mani, but that’s to be expected. The formula gets thicker as you continue to work with it (at least if you’re using your bottle for the first time), so if you’re the type to complete a mani one hand a time, the first coat on your first hand will be considerably more sheer than the first coat on your second hand. After one coat of Poshe the finish feels a little rough, but its not a topcoat-eater. Suspended in the clear base is a mix of fine glitter and tiny hexagonal glitter. The hexagonal pieces are nowhere near the size of hexagonal sequins but they’re big enough to provide a noticeable contrast to the fine glitter, creating a more dimensional finish. While this isn’t my preferred shade of gold (it’s very, very yellow-toned), I love the sparkle factor and the jewel-encrusted look. I paired this with Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz (Xtreme Wear) on my toes.

One thing I loved during these Olympics (aside from all the sports, of course) was seeing the female athletes show the love for their country on their nails! Whether it was simply using the colors of their flag or more elaborate designs, it was great to see nail polish used to display national pride. 😀




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