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This is another black polish I didn’t want to wait until the fall to try. I wanted to wear this one, especially, sooner rather than later, since I didn’t want it to sit untried in my Helmer for a couple of years like some of its counterparts, Bad Romance and Ruby Red Slippers. Lippmann Cleopatra in New York (Holiday 2012) is a black jelly base packed with different-sized gold hex glitter:

Cleopatra in New York

Picture taken in weak sunlight. The base was really loaded with glitter, so I found the formula really thick. Because the base was sheer and jelly-like, I ended up needing three coats for opacity. With three coats I got so much glitter on my nails but surprisingly the surface feels smooth with just one coat of topcoat. I don’t know why there are so many more black with silver glitter polishes out there, because black and gold is a great combination too! This is a neutral shade of gold; I like that it’s not too warm that it looks yellow, or too cool that it looks champagne rather than gold. I particularly love looking at this one from a distance; my nails look like they’re gilded with gold, and that gold really stands out against a black background. The luxurious look and the name make me think of the 1920s, so somehow I feel right wearing this during the weekend The Great Gatsby opens. I paired this with Chanel Jade on my toes.



This doesn’t fit in with the bright, springy theme but I have just a couple of black polishes I really wanted to try sooner rather than later in the fall. Illamasqua Creator (Generation Q, Fall 2012) is a rich black base loaded with short silver bar glitter and some holographic hexagonal glitter:


Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well; I used two coats with touchups in between for full coverage. When I first applied this I thought the silver glitter was of the tiny, broken irregular flake variety, but I was surprised to see that it’s actually very short bar glitter! I normally loathe bar glitter but here it’s so small that it doesn’t immediately register as being that kind. There are some hexagonal holographic pieces in there but they’re so sparse that I wouldn’t count on getting one on your nails (I managed to get one on my thumb, though.) This has definitely jumped near the top of my favorite black with silver glitter polishes. Despite being loaded with silver glitter, the black base never appears charcoal-looking; it stays this very dark, obsidian-like shade. It’s the best of both worlds, dark and sparkly. I paired this with Chanel Nouvelle Vague on my toes.


I meant to try this polish in April, to close out the parade of sprinkly polishes I had been wearing, but I just got a bit lazy to remove Stay the Night, so I put it off until now. China Glaze It’s a Trap-eze! (Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away) is a white creme base packed with multicolored small and large hex glitter:

It's a Trap-eze

Picture taken in sunlight. The formula was a bit thick because it’s absolutely loaded with glitter, but even with the light base, I managed to only need two coats, with touchups in between, for complete coverage. While the other sprinkly polishes (that had only three different colors of glitter, at the most) reminded me of sweets, this one contains seemingly every bright color under the sun, so it makes me think of the circus, which I guess makes sense in the context of the collection. In both sizes of hex glitter I see sky blue, green, fuchsia, candy pink, yellow, orange, and white. There’s a lot going on but somehow it works. It’s definitely one of those “party on your nails” type of polishes. I paired this with OPI Kiss Me on My Tulips on my toes.

I know the name is a Star Wars reference, but honestly it’s not Star Wars I have on the brain right now, but Star Trek…Star Trek Into Darkness (I’ll take any excuse to mention Benedict Cumberbatch ;))


This is so unlike the polishes I’ve been wearing for the past month, but I really wanted to give this new liquid sand finish a try. OPI Stay the Night (Mariah Carey Collection) is a textured black glitter with pinkish red glitter:

Stay the Night

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well, but it does get cuticle draggy, so I’d advise against doing too many brushstrokes. I got full coverage in two coats, with minor touchups. This dries fast, but it doesn’t set as instantly as the suede polishes. It remains dentable for a little while, but once it’s fully hardened it wears tough. I originally planned to wear topcoat with this after seeing swatches, but once I had it on I changed my mind and decided to embrace the textured finish. When I put down the first coat, I saw the polish contained some bits that glistened just like real sand, so “liquid sand” is a perfect descriptor for this new OPI finish. Once this fully dries down, the black glitter looks matte, and the pinkish-red glitter sparkles through, like glowing embers. The overall look makes me think of volcanoes and black sand beaches. 🙂 I paired this with OPI The One That Got Away on my toes.


As April winds down, I’m getting to try the last of these sprinkly/speckled polishes I own.  I’ve finished the ones from Illamasqua, then Lippmann, and now this collection with Nails Inc. Topping Lane (Sprinkles) is a candy pink creme with fuchsia, purple and silvery-white small hex glitter:

Topping Lane

Picture taken in sunlight. I’m so used to dealing with this sort of glitter-loaded creme formula by now that I have an easy time with it. Like the others I tried before it, this gave me full coverage in two coats, with some minor touching up in between. I can’t say that this immediately makes me think of cupcakes or ice cream, but what struck me when I first looked at the finished mani was how girly it is!  The pink and purple together just makes me think of Barbie…like a Barbie-themed birthday cake! I paired this with Sally Hansen Night Hydrangea (Salon) on my toes.


This is the last of the black glitter-speckled polishes I have. I always used to associate glitter with “sparkly,” so I before these polishes came out I couldn’t imagine what black glitter would look like, but matte black glitter works perfectly against light/pastel creme bases! Lippmann Polka Dots and Moonbeams (Staccato Collection, Spring 2013) is a white creme with small black hex glitter:

Polka Dots and Moonbeams

Picture taken in sunlight. (I’ve been loving growing out my nails, but the length makes it harder to crop pictures as closely as possible. :/) Out of the three in this collection, this one seemed to contain the most black glitter. The formula was a little thick but still applied pretty well, and I only needed two coats (with touchups in between) for full coverage. I love the simple contrast of black and white (and grey too, the glitter that sits under the surface takes on a lighter hue.) When I saw these in stores, I only bought Rockin’ Robin because that was the only one I thought I really “needed,” but I’m glad I ended up buying the rest. It’s a lovely collection, and I’m Not Edible actually turned out to be my favorite! The other two reminded me so strongly of ice cream, and this one definitely does as well, of cookies n’ cream, another one of my favorite “standard” flavors. It also makes me think of dalmatians! I paired this with Lippmann Funky Chunky on my toes.


This is definitely the polish that piqued my interest in this confection-like finish. I bought it last year but I’m finally trying it now. Nails Inc. Sweets Way (Sprinkles) is a milky white creme with bright sky blue, light pink, and white small hex glitter:

Sweets Way

Picture taken in sunlight. On the first coat, the white base seemed like it would be really sheer, but it builds to opacity in three. It also applied smoothly, despite being loaded with glitter. I know all that glitter means it will be a pain to remove, but this is so pretty that it’s totally worth it! I love the combination of pink, blue and white; it looks really sweet and makes me think of cotton candy. I catch myself looking at my nails a lot. 🙂 I’ve actually had this on since Sunday! Normally I would have changed my NOTD by today, but this is so hard wearing (I know I have a difficult removal ahead of me) and I like the look so much that I kept it on. I paired this with Essie Sweet Talker on my toes.


I think I like these speckled polishes so much because I have a sweet tooth, and they make me think of a number of sweet treats. The ones from this collection make me crave ice cream. 🙂 Lippmann Rockin’ Robin (Staccato Collection, Spring 2013) is a soft pastel mint creme with small black hex glitter:

Rockin' Robin

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied smoothly and was well-pigmented; I got full coverage in two coats, with some touchups in between. It could have just been my application but I got less glitter on the nail here than with I’m Not Edible. Based on trying I’m Not Edible, I also expected this to be much more brightly stark, but it actually has a really soft look. It’s a gorgeous mint color. I previously said that Illamasqua Mottle reminded me of mint chip ice cream, but this one really, really looks like I have mint chip ice cream right on my nails (but as there can be different shades of mint nail polish, there can be different shades of mint ice cream). Mint chip is my favorite “standard” flavor of ice cream, so I love looking at this. I paired it with OPI Mod About You on my toes.


After trying Sugar House Lane from this collection back in March, I was really looking forward to wearing the rest. These came out last year, but it seems fitting that I’m only trying them this year, alongside all the new speckled/sprinkled polishes. Nails Inc. Pudding Lane (Sprinkles) is a bold sky blue creme with purple and chartreuse small hex glitter:

Pudding Lane

Picture taken in sunlight. The formula was really loaded with glitter so it applied thickly, but it did give me full coverage in two coats. The finish isn’t so rough, so one coat of topcoat leaves it reasonably smooth, but two will give it that glassy feel. For me, this color palette doesn’t really inspire thoughts of puddings, but I love the overall look. I don’t really think of purple and green as colors that go together with blue, but this all works! The sky blue creme base is lovely; it’s pretty and bold and bright (It actually does remind me of the type of color you’d see in cake frosting). The purple and chartreuse glitters complement each other nicely as well. I paired this with Illamasqua Radium on my toes.


I couldn’t stay away from these speckled, sprinkly polishes for long, so today I have on Lippmann I’m Not Edible (Staccato Collection, Spring 2013), a sweet pastel pink creme with small black hex glitter:

I'm Not Edible

Picture taken in sunlight. The sun sort of washes out the color, making it look really light, stark and very pastel, but it can look a a couple of shades darker (but still light pink) out of direct lighting. I’m so pleasantly surprised by all these smoothly-applying pastels I’ve been trying lately! Because this one was so pigmented, with some touchups I only ended up doing two coats instead of three full ones. Even though this look involves black hex glitter in a pastel creme base, the polishes from this collection are different than the Speckled Nail Varnishes from Illamasqua’s I’mperfection collection. While the Illamasquas had both large hex pieces and small regular glitter, these only have smaller hex pieces (which was justification enough for me to get them all :p) The black glitter works equally well here. There’s quite a lot of it, and it stands out nicely against the pastel base. The pink color looks incredibly sweet and delicious, too. It really makes me want a strawberry ice cream! I paired this with OPI Hey! Get in Lime! on my toes.




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