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I thought I would be switching things up by trying a purple, but I’m wearing what turned out to be another pink. China Glaze Beach Cruise-r (Summer Neons, Summer 2012) is a neon fuchsia with fine pink shimmer:

Beach Cruise-r

Picture taken in sunlight. (I had to double-check my bottle to make sure I used Beach Cruise-r and not Hang-Ten Toes; this doesn’t look quite as pink as it’s photographing here; the bottle color is probably more accurate.) This applied well, and I was pleased to get full coverage in only two coats. I was under the impression that this was a neon purple, since neon collections tend to have one. Most purple-toned neons are fuchsia toned, but as I look at this, I just see fuchsia; it doesn’t seem purple. If I looked at this next to a pink polish, this would probably seem more purple, but just on its own, I would call this a fuchsia before saying it’s purple. This doesn’t have that true neon fluorescence, but the shimmer does give it a nice glow and it’s still a bright shade. I paired this with Illamasqua Optimist on my toes.


After a whole week of orange/coral/pink polishes, I switched over to something cooler in tone. Illamasqua Superstition (Spring 2013) is a fuchsia creme:


Picture taken in weak sunlight. This applied well, though it wasn’t one of those solidly pigmented cremes, so I needed three coats for full coverage. On the first coat, it looks really pink, then takes on more of a purple tone with additional coats, and it ends up looking fuchsia. This is pretty, but not unique; it’s in the same family as Grab and Obsess. There’s not much to say about it, but it’s still worth getting, particularly if you don’t already own the other two. I didn’t really need this, but I just liked getting all three polishes from this collection. I’m not exactly sure which collection this belongs to; it seems to go along with Harem and Venous, but unlike the other two, which are also available on Illamasqua’s site, this one is only available through Sephora. I paired it with OPI Fly on my toes.


I’ve been meaning to wear this polish in the month of February for the past two years now. I don’t recall what sidetracked me then, but this year I thought I’d better try it straight away to start off the month. Lippmann Bad Romance (fall 2010) is a black base with fuchsia glitter and hex sequins:

Bad Romance

Picture taken in weak sunlight. The black base needs to be a bit sheer to allow the glitter to shine through, so I needed three coats for full coverage. It’s best to avoid doing too many brushstrokes or not waiting long enough between coats because that will push the hex glitter towards the free edge. One coat of topcoat leaves it pretty smooth, but you need two to achieve that glassy feel. I was surprised that I didn’t get as many hex pieces on the nail as when I tried Across the Universe, the counterpart in the collection, but I still love this polish anyway. Black with fuchsia glitter isn’t that unique of a combination, but it’s one that works so well. Black works well as a background to almost anything, but I really love it with fuchsia because it’s a little bit girly and a little bit dangerous. I think the look represents its namesake well. It makes me want to listen to “Bad Romance,” which I haven’t heard in a long time! I paired this with MAC Baby Goth Girl on my toes.


After weeks of metallic and dark shades, it’s nice to be wearing a bold pop of color. Color Club Ulterior Motive (Alter Ego: Keep it Under Cover, Spring 2011) is a bright fuchsia with blue and pink microglitter:

Ulterior Motive

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well, but was on the sheer side. To get an even, opaque finish I did three coats with considerable touchups. But all those coats serve well to make the color deeper. The sheerness also allows all the microglitter to shine through. Pink  polishes with blue flashes are not uncommon, but here the blue microglitter is very visible and I love it! It’s so visible that I think it affects the appearance of the color. Indoors it looks practically purple! Either way, it’s a gorgeous, bold color with a lovely sparkling finish. I paired this with FingerPaints It’s an Original! on my toes.


After a whole row of cremes I definitely wanted something glittery. This one surprised me in a very good way. Sephora by OPI Sparkling Personality (Betsey Johnson Collection) is a silver glitter peppered with fuchsia glitter:

Picture taken in sunlight. (The silver may look darker here than in real life, but I just had to pick a photo with the least amount of glare. And view this in full size!) The glitter is relatively fine for a glitterbomb, so the formula actually went on really smoothly. I was expecting to do three coats like usual but I was able to get away with just two, since the glitter is dense. I was both surprised and glad for that since I avoided having to do a really thick mani. Even though I don’t usually wear polishes for more than three days, I can imagine this would hold up well since it’s a relatively thin glitter mani. With a single coat of Poshe the surface doesn’t turn out completely glassy smooth, but far from rough or bumpy. This is predominantly silver and the fuchsia is just barely sprinkled in there, but even in such a small amount it really pops. It does wonders to break up what would be a plain silver finish. I may have been imagining things as I applied this but I thought I saw a little bit of turquoise glitter in there too. Despite the polish being all-glitter, the sparkle factor is delicate; it looks amazing in the sun. I paired this with Sephora by OPI Just a Little Dangerous on my toes.


Since I do tend to try polishes from a particular collection in bunches (particularly when they belong to the same general color family), naturally my next mani would be China Glaze Fuchsia Fanatic (Electropop, Spring 2012), a bright fuchsia creme:

Picture taken in natural light. (Excuse the bubbles! I wish I had sunlight for picture-taking ’cause natural light just doesn’t reflect its brightness.) The formula was pretty much the same as the previous two polishes I’ve worn. It applied well but still needed three coats for a bald spot-free finish. Although the formula had a nice thickness to it, it was the type of creme that had a bit of jelly translucency to the formula, rather than a solid creaminess. I feel like I’ve tried many hot pinks in recent memory, so it’s nice to have a different sort of bright pink on. It’s definitely a fuchsia; the purple tones are the most obvious in low-lighting situations. I just love how it looks in the light; it’s a bright, juicy pop of color!  I paired this with Orly Gumdrop on my toes.


I love the variety of pinks out there; I have yet another bright pink polish on, yet it looks totally different from my previous mani. Illamasqua Grab is a bright purple-pink creme:

Picture taken in weak sunlight. (I think this looks a little purpler than the photo reflects.) This applied smoothly, but wasn’t that richly pigmented, so I used three coats for full coverage. This is part of Illamasqua’s original core collection and I’ve had it for a while, so I was happy to check it off my untrieds list. At times I look at it and I can’t tell whether it’s a purplish-pink or a pinkish-purple, or if this is just fuchsia. Either way, it’s a very pretty, flowery type of color. I paired this with Color Club Blue Light on my toes.


I thought it was time to try another pink, and I wanted to take advantage of having sunlight for photographs by wearing something with a hint of sparkle. Sephora by OPI Alley Cat (Betsey Johnson Collection) is a fucshia with subtle pink shimmer:

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied smoothly; it was pretty pigmented but I still felt like I needed three coats for solid coverage. From a distance or in the shade this looks like a creme, but the light brings out the very subtle shimmer. It photographed, so it’s not so subtle that it’s practically undetectable, but it’s still very faint. It’s probably not so obvious because the base is pigmented and practically like a creme. Even with its barely-there apperance, I like the addition of the shimmer, to give a twist on your typical fuchsia. The color itself is a prime example of fuchsia; it’s a great blend of pink and purple and can lean either way depending on the lighting. I paired this with OPI Funky Dunkey on my toes.


I thought I wouldn’t buy any more crackle polishes (and I don’t have that many anyway) but I saw this and I just really wanted it. OPI Super Bass Shatter (Nicki Minaj Collection) is a fuchsia-purple microglitter. I thought it was interesting how different it looked when put over different colors, so I put it over both Color Club Age of Aquarius and Color Club MODern Pink:

Left hand:

Right hand:

Pictures taken in sunlight. I used three coats for each of the Color Club polishes. Super Bass Shatter applied smoothly. I wish it was made into a regular polish too, because it’s gorgeous; something I’d definitely want to see on my whole nail. You’re not supposed to do multiple coats of the shatter or else it won’t crackle, so it looks a little bit sheer over MODern Pink (but looks perfectly opaque over Age of Aquarius, strangely.) Over the pink, the color looks more fuchsia, while over the teal it looks more purple; it’s like I have four colors on my nails! Since this is a microglitter crackle polish, there’s a nice contrast in not just color, but finish as well. I paired this with Sephora by OPI Never Enough Shoes on my toes.


I think I bought this polish about a year ago and I just never got around to trying it. But now that it’s February again I thought trying it this month would be perfect. Plus this is named after the last single she’s released anyway so it still feels somewhat timely. OPI The One That Got Away (Katy Perry Collection) is a deep raspberry-fuchsia microglitter:

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well; I needed three coats for full color payoff and opacity. The first coat looks like a bright fuchsia, but by the third coat the color becomes deep and rich. Depending on the lighting this could lean more raspberry pink or a more grenadine-fuchsia. I love these kinds of bold pinks; for some reason this is making me think of raspberry macarons! The slight sheerness of the base lets all that microglitter shine through beautifully. It’s a very delicate but intense sparkle. I paired this with OPI Yodel Me on My Cell on my toes.




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