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This is the last of the four polishes I got from this collection, and I definitely like it the most! Color Club Total Mystery (Alter Ego, Keep it Under Cover, Spring 2011) is an electric cobalt with blue, pink and purple microglitter:

Total Mystery

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well, though the formula was rather sheer. It looked really streaky after the first coat, so before painting the second coat I filled in the bald spots. I needed three coats in all, plus those touchups, to reach full opacity. The multiple coats also results in this rich, gorgeous color. It’s an very bold shade, plus it has this electric quality I’m absolutely mesmerized by! The color is stunning on its own, so I would have been fine with just blue microglitter, but it does have the pink and purple microglitter too, which provides a lovely contrast. This is definitely one of the polishes that keeps me staring at my hands. I paired this with Sephora by OPI Screen Test on my toes. I’m glad I was able to do this mani-pedi in the first place. I was painting while watching Novak Djokovic’s epic five-set win over Stanislas Wawrinka, and I just remember being so nervous that my hands started to shake! This was only to reach the quarterfinals, so based on years past I can imagine how much more amped-up I can get over the next few days.



After weeks of metallic and dark shades, it’s nice to be wearing a bold pop of color. Color Club Ulterior Motive (Alter Ego: Keep it Under Cover, Spring 2011) is a bright fuchsia with blue and pink microglitter:

Ulterior Motive

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well, but was on the sheer side. To get an even, opaque finish I did three coats with considerable touchups. But all those coats serve well to make the color deeper. The sheerness also allows all the microglitter to shine through. Pink  polishes with blue flashes are not uncommon, but here the blue microglitter is very visible and I love it! It’s so visible that I think it affects the appearance of the color. Indoors it looks practically purple! Either way, it’s a gorgeous, bold color with a lovely sparkling finish. I paired this with FingerPaints It’s an Original! on my toes.


Normally this is the time where I’d be doing Australian Open manis, but I’m forgoing that for now to get more of these untried collections tried. Color Club Alias (Alter Ego: Keep it Under Cover, Spring 2011) is a color-shifting dark purple with purple microglitter:


Picture taken in artificial light. The formula had the same consistency as Alter Ego, a little cuticle-draggy and on the sheer side but building to opacity in three coats plus touchups. It also takes a while to fully set and harden. The color seen straight-on is lovely, a deep purple with lots of brighter purple microglitter. In different lights it can look more cool or warm-toned. This has quite an interesting color shift. At a certain angle it looks brown with rose microglitter, but it mainly shifts to this murky ivy green. It’s unexpected but I’m glad to see the big difference in duochrome colors. I paired this with Color Club Rule Breaker on my toes.


I started off the year by wearing a whole collection I should have tried long before that, and I’m continuing in the same vein with my next few manis. I don’t have this whole collection but I’ll start off with its namesake, Color Club Alter Ego (Alter Ego: Keep it Under Cover, Spring 2011), a smoky purple with golden shimmer:

Alter Ego

Picture taken in natural light. The formula was on the sheer side, but otherwise applied well. To reach opacity I needed three coats with some touchups. Even with a quick-drying topcoat, this could still be dentable for a while. I don’t mind the sheerness so much because it lets all that shimmer come through. It gives the finish a sort of metallic look without having the brushstrokes of an actual metallic finish. It isn’t just champagne gold shimmer in there either; I see blue and purple too. The smoky purple shade would lean more cool, but the golden shimmer warms it up a bit. I almost forgot this is part of a spring collection, but it seems like more of a cold weather color anyway. I paired this with Revlon No Shrinking Violet on my toes.


I don’t think I got this polish in time to try last fall, so I saved it to wear now. I was so excited to try it ’cause it’s definitely interesting and unique. Color Club Nouveau Vintage (Back to Boho, Fall 2011) is a blend of bronzy brown, red, green and gold microglitter:

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well, though the formula was a tad sheer. I ultimately needed three coats for full opacity. The finish looks somewhat metallic so there are slight brushstrokes that are masked by the microglitter anyway. Cleanup was kind of  a chore, the base is absolutely loaded with microglitter; you can see I still have some all over my fingers! The upside to all that microglitter is that it creates a pretty, fine sparkle. I love the mix of colors in this! The sunlight in my photo brings out the more greenish-gold side, but at other times it looks more reddish brown. Even though the color looks different in various lights, it doesn’t quite behave like a color-shifting duochrome. It’s like I can see all the different colors of microglitter at once, and they somehow play off each other nicely. I paired this with Color Club Rebel Spirit on my toes.


I only got one other polish from this collection, so after wearing Blue-Ming I figured I should try this right after. Color Club Hydrangea Kiss (Blossoming, Spring 2012) is a dusty cornflower blue creme:

Picture taken in weak sunlight. This applied well; it wasn’t so solidly pigmented so I used three coats for full coverage. This is pretty similar to another polish I tried recently, China Glaze Electric Beat, but this one is a little more blue and a little less greyed. It still has that soft, dusty appearance, but because it’s not so greyed, the color looks fresh at the same time. This one is not just pretty but so aptly named; it really does remind me of hydrangeas, one of my favorite flowers. I paired this with Essie Status Symbol on my toes.


While I’ve just worn a turquoise polish, the color comes in such a wide spectrum of shades that I don’t feel like I’m wearing the same color today. Color Club Blue-Ming (Blossoming, Spring 2012) is a bright pastel turquoise creme:

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well and was pretty pigmented. The formula can be prone to cuticle drag, and I couldn’t quite get full, solid coverage in two coats, so I used three. This is now one of my favorite turquoises I own. It’s a very stark pastel so it has a lovely strong presence on the nail. I can say that about any good pastel creme, but this one is so bright that it almost crosses over into neon territory! I’m not inclined to call it a neon because the formula doesn’t behave like one, but there’s something about the color that’s really glowy. I don’t really like punny polish names, especially when it’s an inaccurate indicator of the color. This one is more of a green-leaning turquoise, and I already have another color in mind when I think of Ming dynasty ceramics. Whatever name is attached to this polish, I absolutely love it. Pastel turquoises are not unique, but this one definitely stands out among them. I paired this with Orly Hot Shot on my toes.


I knew it wouldn’t be long before I tried another turquoise this month.  Color Club New Bohemian (Back to Boho, Fall 2011) is a turquoise green creme:

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well, but the formula was a little cuticle-draggy. I needed three coats for even coverage. I thought this was similar to another polish I tried earlier this month, American Apparel The Valley, but, looking at these turquoise polishes side-by-side, New Bohemian is much greener, while The Valley is more of a robin’s egg blue. Wherever it lands between blue and green, any shade of turquoise is pretty to me! This one is light (turquoise is a light color anyway) but still colorful and bright. Looking at it makes me want to relax on the beach. I paired this with OPI Ate Berries in the Canaries on my toes.


For my St. Patrick’s Day green this year, I picked Color Club Artsy Crafty (Back to Boho, Fall 2011), a dusty hunter green creme:

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well, but the formla was a tad cuticle-draggy, so I did two coats with necessary touchups in between. I have several dark hunter/forest greens (from what I gather, hunter green is more yellow-toned while forest green is more blue-toned), but this one sets itself apart by with its dusty, smoky quality. It’s just the right shade to be wearing today, perfectly dark but still obviously green. I paired this with Sephora by OPI Worth My Weight on my toes.



For my last dusty polish before I start wearing greens for the rest of the month, I chose Color Club Shabby Drab (Back to Boho, Fall 2011), a dusty periwinkle blue creme:

Picture taken in natural light. (It seems fitting that after days and days of sun, I’d end up wearing something called “Shabby Drab” just as the weather is turning worse.) This applied pretty well, but it has that type of streaky formula that can be prone to cuticle drag, so I used three coats. I think its name is really a misnomer, this color is neither shabby nor drab, it’s actually quite pretty! It is a dusty shade, but it’s more springlike (despite being in a fall collection) and soft than overly greyed. I like that even thought it’s a dusty shade, it still has a sort of pop of color, not exactly bright, and not super-pigmented, but definitely not pale. This shade of periwinkle makes me think of a cloudy sky. I paired this with Sephora by OPI Run With It! on my toes.




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