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The Grammys are this weekend, so I thought it would be the opportune time to wear this long-standing untried. Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink (Xtreme Wear) is a mainly pink multicolored glitter in a clear base:

Rockstar Pink

Picture taken in sunlight. The formula thickens up with exposure to air, so it wasn’t the smoothest glitter to apply, but it is a very dense glitter, so I was able to get full coverage, on its own, in three coats. Two or more topcoats would be needed to achieve a glassy-smooth feel, but I just used one as I didn’t want to make the mani any thicker. This close-up macro shot is really pulling all the glitter apart so you can see all the different colors that make it up: pink, sky blue, red and gold. But overall this looks pink, with the other colors providing nice hits of contrast. I’ve had this bottle for years and I don’t know why I hadn’t tried it yet, but now that I have, I love it! The mix of colors is great, and it sparkles a lot in the light. The name is perfect; it’s totally flashy and glitzy! I paired this with Sephora by OPI Bright as a Feather on my toes.



Instead of going the red or pink route today, I chose Sally Hansen Fairy Teal (Complete Salon Manicure), a blue-green teal creme:

Picture taken in sunlight.  This applied well in two coats, although I think it could have applied even better if it had a better brush.  It was quite pigmented, so I only really needed the second the coat for evenness, not opacity.  This is an interesting one.  It looks green when compared to bluish teals, but looks more blue-toned when compared to greenish teals. It also looks bright when compared to dusty teals, but a bit dusty when compared to bright teals.  Either way you describe it, it’s definitely a very pretty teal!  I paired this with Milani Creamy on my toes.


Today I’ve chosen another NY-related polish (and another black polish!)  Sally Hansen Midnight in NY (Complete Salon Manicure) is a black peppered with multicolored microglitter:

Picture taken in sunlight.  This applied well in two coats, plus touchups.  This really needs to be viewed in direct light to see how much it really glitters.  Since the glitter is so fine, the overall look is a subtle sparkle.  I had to look really closely to tell what colors of glitter were in there, but I see gold, silver, reddish-pink, and turquoise.  Under the right light, I love looking at it!  I paired this with Wet n Wild Shield (Craze) on my toes.


I seem to have a lot of patience for layering lately so I present another glitter over black.  Sally Hansen Strobe Light (Xtreme Wear) is a rose gold and holographic glitter in a clear base.  I layered it over Illamasqua Boosh:

Picture taken in sunlight.  I used one coat of black and one coat of glitter.  I really like how the holographic glitter is so prominent; it twinkles with every movement.  It almost overshadows the pink glitter, which acts more like a base to fill in the spaces between the holo bits.  I can’t say that I mind, because I love holographic glitter!  I paired this with Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope (Wild Shine) over black on my toes. 


This is a polish I meant to try in June, when I was wearing all blues, greens, and everything in between, but I ended up putting it off ’til now (too many polishes, not enough days.)  Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (Xtreme Wear) is a bold cornflower blue creme:

Picture taken in natural light.  This applied well in two coats.  It’s not as dusty as I imagine cornflower blue to be, but it’s a gorgeous, bright and fresh take on the color.  I paired this with Revlon Ocean Breeze on my toes.


I realized that I’ve not yet worn a pink on my tips since I’ve started blogging!  This surprised me, ’cause I love pink. 🙂  Sally Hansen Torrid Bloom (Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Salon, Fall 2008) is a deep pink creme:

Picture taken in natural light.  In real life the color looks more vibrant and a bit darker.  This applied wonderfully; the formula was very smooth and easy to work with.  It’s also very pigmented; I barely needed two coats.  True to its name, this color does remind me of flowers.  I paired this with Essie Lovie Dovie on my toes.


After all the reds and greens I’ve done this month I felt like doing something different.  Sally Hansen Tassel (Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Salon, Spring 2009) is a warm gold metallic:

Picture taken in natural light (well, as much light as I could get; it’s rainy out).  This applied fairly well in two coats.  Brushstrokes weren’t that bad considering it’s a metallic.  I actually had to redo a couple of my nails because I got some horrible bubbling.  I think that was probably my fault though because my second try turned out fine.  This type of shade and finish isn’t my favorite, so I’m not terribly excited about this polish, although it is pretty.  I paired this with Barielle Make it a Latte on my toes. 


Unlike Sarah, as my nail polish collection grows I use seasonal colors/themes just to make sure I don’t end up using a light blue nail polish (my favorite) every single time I manicure. I decided to use an orange, Nasturtium from Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen (Spring 2009) because Rachael Ray was making pumpkin soup on Thanksgiving in 60:

The first time I used this polish was this spring when it released and I hated it. It looked melon-orange in the bottle but dried much darker, more like a vibrant but dark red-orange creme, and I didn’t think it was suitable for Spring. Now that it’s November I think that the color is just lovely and reminds me of everything Autumn. The first coat goes on kind of streaky but what you see here is 2 thin coats and a layer of Seche Vite.

Maybe now it’s time to figure out what a Nasturtium actually is?

^.^  Jules



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