This is the last of the coral-toned polishes in this collection, and my favorite of the three (and one of my favorites in the whole collection). China Glaze Surfin’ For Boys (Summer Neons, Summer 2012) is a neon red coral with fine pink shimmer:

Surfin' For Boys

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well, though I still needed three coats for full, even coverage. It was quite pigmented but that extra coat was necessary to cover up dark spots. I had such a hard time photographing this! Its neon qualities were difficult to convey; this is not just bright, but very, very glowy as well. I love this color! Initially I thought this was just a red-orange, but the addition of the pink shimmer makes it look more coral. This is one of the most intense-looking polishes in this collection, since it’s both really fluorescent and strongly pigmented. I typically favor the more sweet-looking, pinkish corals, but I absolutely love this more red-leaning shade in neon form. It’s definitely the most fiery coral I’ve ever tried, perfect to wear during this heat wave. I paired this with Illamasqua Serenity on my toes.