Yellow is one of my favorite colors to see in neon form! Though I have several neon yellows already, the finish of this one sets it apart from the others. China Glaze Sun-Kissed (Summer Neons, Summer 2012) is a highlighter neon yellow with fine shimmer:


Picture taken in natural light. (Though I would have liked sunlight, truth be told, I have never been able to photograph the way neon yellow looks in real life in any light.) This applied well, particularly for a yellow; I still did three coats with some touchups, but everything went on easily. I think the fact that it’s a shimmer contributes to the smooth formula. The shimmer also makes the finish look extra alien-glowy. This is a true highlighter yellow, with just the right amount of green in it. I don’t know what it is about this shade or pigment that makes it look so incredibly bright. Actually, it’s not enough to call this bright, it’s loud!!  I caught myself looking at my nails a lot, especially outdoors. I feel like I could guide a plane landing on a runway with this mani! I paired this with Illamasqua Prosperity on my toes.