This is a polish that I’ve sidetracked myself from trying several times, so I’m glad to finally have it on my nails, because it’s lovely. Essie She’s Picture Perfect (Resort Collection, 2012) is a lavender with a subtle fuchsia shimmer:

She's Picture Perfect

Picture taken in sunlight. (Click to really see the shimmer.) This applied well, needing three coats for full, even coverage. This is definitely one of my favorite lavenders! The shade is light and summery, but it isn’t pale and washed out. I love the finish, and have only seen something similar in Rescue Beauty Lounge Insouciant. While that has purple and green shimmer, this one has fuchsia, and it gives the lavender base a pretty flash. It may not be obvious in all lighting conditions, but even when you can’t really see the shimmer particles, I don’t think you would mistake this for a creme, since the shimmer gives the finish a nice glow. It’s both gorgeous and interesting to look at as well. Since it’s so similar in concept to the RBL polish, “insouciant” is a good descriptor for this polish as well. I paired this with RGB Cosmetics Minty on my toes.