I previously said that my NOTDs this week would’ve made for a great ombre manicure.  The first was the most orange, and this is the most pink. Ciaté Kiss Chase is a pinky coral, or corally pink creme (I couldn’t decide):

Kiss Chase

Picture taken in natural light. (Again, I lament the lack of sunlight for picture-taking.) This applied well in three coats. I couldn’t quite pin this color down, as it looked so different in various lighting conditions. Whenever I was indoors, it seemed like a really pink-toned coral, but when I was outdoors, it seemed like a pink, with perhaps a drop of coral tone (as it appears in my photo). Either way, it’s a very pretty and sweet color. I think I actually like its indoor “face” better, as I adore the really pink corals. I see this as a flirty color, but the name may be a contributing factor to that. I do like that it’s girly, but not in the more obvious Barbie-pink way; I appreciate seeing more warm pinks out there! I paired this with China Glaze Caribbean Blue on my toes.