This is a polish I had planned to wear in April because I thought it was a pastel. I guess it worked out that I’m just trying it now because it turned out to be a springy bright! OPI You’re Such a Budapest (Euro Centrale, Spring 2013) is a light but bright periwinkle creme:

You're Such a Budapest

Picture taken in natural light. Although its appearance was streaky, this applied pretty well, needing three coats for full coverage. This actually has some very, very subtle silver shimmer, but it’s not noticeable unless you’re really looking for it, in bright light. It’s such a pretty color; I just keep thinking “airy” when I look at it. In some lights, it seems like a cool light blue, other times it looks more lavender, so periwinkle is a perfect descriptor. It is a light shade, in one of those categorically pastel colors, but it’s not a true pastel (It’s not bright in the whited-out, stark way). It’s not extremely electric and vibrant like Illamasqua Jo’Mina, another light but bright color, but it is rather bright for the type of shade it is. I paired this with Illamasqua Stagnate on my toes.