This is another black polish I didn’t want to wait until the fall to try. I wanted to wear this one, especially, sooner rather than later, since I didn’t want it to sit untried in my Helmer for a couple of years like some of its counterparts, Bad Romance and Ruby Red Slippers. Lippmann Cleopatra in New York (Holiday 2012) is a black jelly base packed with different-sized gold hex glitter:

Cleopatra in New York

Picture taken in weak sunlight. The base was really loaded with glitter, so I found the formula really thick. Because the base was sheer and jelly-like, I ended up needing three coats for opacity. With three coats I got so much glitter on my nails but surprisingly the surface feels smooth with just one coat of topcoat. I don’t know why there are so many more black with silver glitter polishes out there, because black and gold is a great combination too! This is a neutral shade of gold; I like that it’s not too warm that it looks yellow, or too cool that it looks champagne rather than gold. I particularly love looking at this one from a distance; my nails look like they’re gilded with gold, and that gold really stands out against a black background. The luxurious look and the name make me think of the 1920s, so somehow I feel right wearing this during the weekend The Great Gatsby opens. I paired this with Chanel Jade on my toes.