After trying Sugar House Lane from this collection back in March, I was really looking forward to wearing the rest. These came out last year, but it seems fitting that I’m only trying them this year, alongside all the new speckled/sprinkled polishes. Nails Inc. Pudding Lane (Sprinkles) is a bold sky blue creme with purple and chartreuse small hex glitter:

Pudding Lane

Picture taken in sunlight. The formula was really loaded with glitter so it applied thickly, but it did give me full coverage in two coats. The finish isn’t so rough, so one coat of topcoat leaves it reasonably smooth, but two will give it that glassy feel. For me, this color palette doesn’t really inspire thoughts of puddings, but I love the overall look. I don’t really think of purple and green as colors that go together with blue, but this all works! The sky blue creme base is lovely; it’s pretty and bold and bright (It actually does remind me of the type of color you’d see in cake frosting). The purple and chartreuse glitters complement each other nicely as well. I paired this with Illamasqua Radium on my toes.