I did love trying those speckled polishes, and I have even more to try this month, but instead of trying so many glitters in a row, I thought I’d give my nails a break, removal-wise, by throwing some cremes in between. Essie Maximillian Strasse Her (Spring 2013) is a cool, faded sage green creme:

Maximillian Strasse Her

Picture taken in natural light. (My photo makes it look a little mintier than it should; it’s a slightly warmer green in real life.) Because this is a light color, I expected to need three coats for full coverage, but since the formula is nicely thick and pigmented, I only needed two, with some touchups. I like this polish a lot more than I expected to! Apart from the good formula, I love the color as well. It’s a dusty color, but it’s not too greyed. Despite being faded, it still actually looks like a very fresh, springy green. There’s something really calming about this shade, too; I can see it as a color someone would paint their walls with. I also really love the concept behind this collection, that the polish names are inspired by major global shopping destinations. This one is named after Maximilianstraße in Munich. I paired this with OPI Did You ‘Ear About Van Gogh? on my toes.