I love pop art, so I was a bit disappointed that from a nail polish collection inspired by Andy Warhol, I only liked two enough to buy them, but my wallet thanks me. This mani I wore earlier in the week is the second of the two, NARS Superstar (Andy Warhol Color Collection, Holiday 2012), a deep teal creme:


Picture taken in sunlight. This applied very well and was nicely pigmented; I got full coverage in two smooth coats. I wouldn’t call it vibrant in a bright way, but it does look like a very bold, strong color on the nail, because of its solid opacity and pigmentation (the sunlight does make it look a bit washed out.) There’s not much else to say about it other than it’s a lovely teal creme. Teal is a color that can vary so much depending on how much blue or green it has (this one is more blue-leaning), so that’s why I think I can’t resist whenever I come across one in a new collection. They may all fit under the “teal” category, but none of them are quite exact dupes of each other. I paired this with Lippmann Purple Rain on my toes.