I’m finishing up February by personally finishing up a collection. China Glaze Sweet Hook (Electropop, Spring 2012) is a pastel lilac creme:

Sweet Hook

Picture taken in natural light. The formula was thick but runny. It did apply smoothly and was nicely pigmented but it was still streaky so I needed three coats for full, even coverage. I love when a pastel is really pigmented like this! The finish looks so solid and creamy, and it has that lovely stark appearance. The starkness can take a pale color and make it look vibrant. I’m more inclined to call this a lilac than a lavender; it has just a drop of pink in it that makes it look more warm-toned. This color really does look sweet! It’s fresh and pretty and makes me think of Jordan almonds (and long for spring.) I paired this with Sinful Mint Apple on my toes.