I’m concluding a week of reds with Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers (“Celebrate” 10th Anniversary Set), a black base with red glitter and hex sequins:

Ruby Red Slippers

Picture taken in sunlight. The black base is on the sheer side but it’s absolutely loaded with red glitter. This applied well, and I managed to get an even distribution of glitter on the nail. I got full coverage in three coats. This requires two coats of topcoat to smooth the finish out, but one is enough to set it nicely. I love how much red glitter there is; it’s definitely not just sprinkled in there! It’s so densely packed that from a distance, it can almost look like a just a dark red glitter. Even without the suggestion of the name, this makes me think of Dorothy’s ruby slippers, with a gothic twist. It seems like a Christmasy color scheme, but I was thinking Oz when I paired this with Barielle Date Night on my toes.