I haven’t worn a creme in so long, so I thought I’d remedy that by getting started on some pinks for this month. China Glaze Dance Baby (Electropop, Spring 2012) is a sweet bubblegum Barbie-pink creme:

Dance Baby

Picture taken in sunlight. The formula was nicely thick and applied smoothly. It was highly pigmented but still streaky so I ultimately needed three coats for even coverage. I like this polish a lot more than I expected to, and I think that’s due to the good formula.  It’s nice and opaque and that just looks great on the nail. The color is so pretty and sweet-looking! It’s light but bold, definitely not a pale pastel. At first it made me want some gum, because this is just the shade I imagine when I think of bubblegum pink. Then it made me think of Barbies, just ’cause of how girly it is! I paired this with Sinful Rise and Shine on my toes.