I’ve been meaning to wear this polish in the month of February for the past two years now. I don’t recall what sidetracked me then, but this year I thought I’d better try it straight away to start off the month. Lippmann Bad Romance (fall 2010) is a black base with fuchsia glitter and hex sequins:

Bad Romance

Picture taken in weak sunlight. The black base needs to be a bit sheer to allow the glitter to shine through, so I needed three coats for full coverage. It’s best to avoid doing too many brushstrokes or not waiting long enough between coats because that will push the hex glitter towards the free edge. One coat of topcoat leaves it pretty smooth, but you need two to achieve that glassy feel. I was surprised that I didn’t get as many hex pieces on the nail as when I tried Across the Universe, the counterpart in the collection, but I still love this polish anyway. Black with fuchsia glitter isn’t that unique of a combination, but it’s one that works so well. Black works well as a background to almost anything, but I really love it with fuchsia because it’s a little bit girly and a little bit dangerous. I think the look represents its namesake well. It makes me want to listen to “Bad Romance,” which I haven’t heard in a long time! I paired this with MAC Baby Goth Girl on my toes.