After weeks of metallic and dark shades, it’s nice to be wearing a bold pop of color. Color Club Ulterior Motive (Alter Ego: Keep it Under Cover, Spring 2011) is a bright fuchsia with blue and pink microglitter:

Ulterior Motive

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well, but was on the sheer side. To get an even, opaque finish I did three coats with considerable touchups. But all those coats serve well to make the color deeper. The sheerness also allows all the microglitter to shine through. Pink  polishes with blue flashes are not uncommon, but here the blue microglitter is very visible and I love it! It’s so visible that I think it affects the appearance of the color. Indoors it looks practically purple! Either way, it’s a gorgeous, bold color with a lovely sparkling finish. I paired this with FingerPaints It’s an Original! on my toes.