I’ve only just started trying this collection, but I may have already found my favorite color in it. China Glaze Liquid Crystal (Prismatic Chroma Glitters, Spring 2012) is a sky blue glitter mixed with multicolored glitter and small hex pieces:

Liquid Crystal

Picture taken in natural light. The formula was a bit thicker, but still applied well. It’s almost totally even in two coats, but I needed that third for complete coverage. The roughness of the surface was more on par with your typical glitter than the smoothness I found in Polarized so more than one coat of topcoat would be needed if you’re after total smoothness.  I didn’t see any color-shifting in my last mani, but I definitely do with this polish! It looks blue straight-on then turns into lavender as you angle your nails upward. You can kind of see that shade of purple on my index finger. The main color of glitter may be that sweet sky blue, but there are so many other colors of small glitter mixed in there. It’s almost imperceptible when looked at quickly or from a distance, but it makes the overall look a lot more interesting. The hex glitter adds even more to a polish that already has a lot going on, and serves well to break up the finish because of its size. Looking at this makes me think of Cinderella! I paired it with Sally Hansen LCD (HD) over Sally Hansen Bubblegum Pink (Xtreme Wear) on my toes.