While I have mostly reds and greens on my list to try this month, I’ve picked out a couple of other different colors, one of which is Essie Beyond Cozy (Winter 2012), a fine, silver and champagne glitter packed in a clear base:

Beyond Cozy

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well, pretty smoothly for a glitter, but it does tend to thicken up as you work with it, as is usually the case with clear-based glitters.  Since the glitter is very fine and absolutely loaded into the base, I got full coverage in just two coats.  It dries a little flat, so topcoat really brings out the depth of finish. I think one coat is enough to get a relatively smooth surface. The sunlight brings out the champagne color, but in low light it pretty much just looks silver.  And of course, it sparkles like crazy!  I catch myself staring at my nails because it glitters with every move. It truly does look like I’m wearing crushed-up diamonds! It’s very glitzy and glamorous. I paired this with China Glaze First Class Ticket on my toes.