I couldn’t go through this month without trying at least one red creme, so the first is Essie Snap Happy (Winter 2012), a bright orangey-red creme:

Snap Happy

Picture taken in natural light. This applied well, though it didn’t look totally solid and even at two coats, so I added a third. The formula wasn’t the totally opaque, creamy kind, but more of the jelly-creme hybrid variety. This shade of red is so orange-toned, that when I first looked at my finished mani, it seemed red-orange to me! But it is just red enough to sit firmly in the red category. I can understand the reasoning behind the name; it’s definitely a very bright and happy color.  The only downside is that it’s making me long for summer. 🙂 To me it seems more summery since it’s orangey and not cherry-red like your typical Christmasy bright red. I paired this with China Glaze Holly-Day on my toes.