This is the probably the only polish I’ll be trying this month that isn’t from a holiday collection, but it is a green and I wanted to get this out of the way before year’s end. OPI Number One Nemesis (The Amazing Spider-Man) is a smoky charcoal-green microglitter:

Number One Nemesis

Picture taken in artificial light. (In the absence of sunlight, I had to resort to artificial lighting to capture the sparkle at all.) This applied well but was a little sheer so I ultimately needed three coats for full coverage. The main color may be this awesome, murky reptilian green, but there are other colors of microglitter scattered in there, like gold, silver, green and blue. It always has that smoky appearance, but at times I look at it and it seems more green, and other times more gunmetal. I heard that this was a dupe to Chanel Graphite (which I own but haven’t tried yet), but I bought it anyway because these two polishes don’t seem like exact dupes. Graphite doesn’t look green to me, at least in the bottle, while I’ll always classify Number One Nemesis as a green over a gunmetal. Comparisons to other polishes aside, this is a gorgeous polish in both color and finish. I think it’s a perfect representation of The Lizard in the film. I paired this with Sephora by OPI 212-Sephora on my toes.