This may seem more vampy than festive, but it is part of a holiday collection I’m on track to actually finish this season. 🙂  OPI Skyfall (Skyfall Collection, Holiday 2012) is a deep brick-maroon creme:


Picture taken in weak sunlight. (The sun kind of washed out the color so it looks more brick red here when it actually look more maroon in person.) This applied well; the formula was thick and pigmented and I got solid coverage in two coats. When I first saw this collection, I wasn’t so wowed by this polish, especially in comparison to the other pretty, sparkly ones. I felt kind of obligated to get it because it is the namesake of the collection and the latest James Bond film. But it ended up looking great on the nail! The solid formulation makes the finish look so smooth and creamy. It’s also a nice  vampy shade, and I love having it on my nails at the length they’re at right now. It may not seem that holiday-like because it’s not glittery, but there’s something warm and cozy about it. I paired this with China Glaze 5 Golden Rings on my toes.