For Thanksgiving tomorrow I picked a glitterbomb of a polish, knowing it would hold up well during all the cooking, dishwashing, etc. China Glaze Electrify (The Hunger Games Capitol Colors) is a gold glitter, small gold hex glitter, and larger red hex glitter in a clear base:

Picture taken in sunlight. As with glitter polishes with this type of formula, it’s sheer at first but thickens up as you work with it, making it easier to get a solid coat. I ended up doing three for full coverage. It’s definitely a topcoat eater, so apply more than one coat if you’re after that glassy smooth finish. This isn’t one of those glitters where you have one dominant color and just a sprinkling of the other; there’s quite a bit of red in there! I’d still call this mainly a gold polish, because there is slightly more gold glitter, and two types of it as well, but the red glitter still has a strong presence on the nail. The two colors play off each other nicely; the bright red looks lovely mixed in with the warm gold. Of course, all that glitter means it’s super sparkly. 🙂 I paired this with China Glaze Ruby Pumps on my toes.

Happy Thanksgiving!