I know this Hunger Games collection came out to coincide with the film’s release, but I always thought the colors seemed more fall-like, so I’m trying them now. China Glaze Agro (The Hunger Games Capitol Colors) is a yellow-toned olive-leaf green shimmer:

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well and was highly pigmented; I needed two coats for total coverage. There are brushstrokes, but they’re the kind that look like delicate ribbons of shimmer rather than frosty streaks. The bright sun really brings out the leaf green aspect of the color, but out of such direct light it looks more olive. I spot different colors of shimmer in there, but the dominant color is gold, which lends an overall yellow tone to the green. I love this polish; the combination of the shade and finish give it an incredibly lush and rich look. I paired this with OPI Overexposed in South Beach on my toes.