After wearing so many dark and vampy colors in a row, I wanted to lighten things up, while still sticking to a fall palette. American Apparel Rose Bowl is a dusty, peachy rose creme:

Picture taken in natural light. The formula was very pigmented and applied well in two coats. I like the color so much more than I was expecting to! It’s probably because it looks so solid and creamy on the nail, due to the high pigmentation. When I look at it, sometimes it looks more pink, other times more peach. Either way, it’s a very soft, pretty color. I actually think it works for both spring and fall; I could’ve seen myself wearing this in March as well, when I tend to use dusty colors. There’s something about it that says “old-fashioned” to me, but not in a bad way, more like in a vintage way. I feel like this would look great on long, pointy-oval nails. I paired this with Essie Chinchilly on my toes.