I’m changing up my color palette for November and shifting to more earthy tones. I’m starting with the stunner that is China Glaze Midtown Magic (Metro, Fall 2011), a deep brown with red and golden shimmer:

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well, though after the first coat I had major bald spots. I did some touch-ups and filled them in, and I ended up only having to do two “full” coats (but this is essentially a three-coater.) In the bottle, this changes colors in different lighting conditions, but the effect doesn’t translate to the nail. When I hold the bottle up against the light, it looks like a deep, smoky purple. When I look at the bottle out of direct light, it can look like a dark, swampy olive. But on the nail, it’s a rich dark brown. I’ve heard this described as a deep plum but I just don’t see it. Even from the first coat it looks brown to me. I don’t typically associate browns with vampiness, but this is so dark that it does look vampy. Since the shimmer rests in such a dark base, it creates that glowing embers effect. Of course, when the sun hits it, it lights up and sparkles beautifully. The red and gold play so well with the brown, making the overall finish even more rich and velvety. I paired this with OPI Warm & Fozzie on my toes.