Though I’m not really in a festive mood, I went ahead with a Halloween-themed mani/pedi for today. OPI Metallic 4 Life (Nicki Minaj Collection) is a black base loaded with different-sized silver hex and square glitter:

Picture taken in natural light. Considering the type of formula, this was pretty easy to work with. The first coat went on a bit sheer so I ended up needing three for full coverage. Surprisingly the mani doesn’t look super-thick. The finish looks a bit dull on its own but topcoat remedies that. A single coat should be fine to set it and make  the finish less rough, though you’d need to add more if you’re after that glassy-smooth feel. The sparkle factor is high; the black base is absolutely loaded with high-contrast silver glitter. I see three types in there: medium and small hex glitter, and tiny square glitter. It’s not a unique color combo but it does work so well. The use of “metallic” in the name is misleading; I’m glad this is a lovely glitter as opposed to a frosty metallic. I paired this with OPI Hot & Spicy on my toes.