For my last grey I have on something that’s a pretty accurate color depiction of what it looks like outside right now. China Glaze Concrete Catwalk (Metro, Fall 2011) is a dark asphalt grey creme:

Picture taken in (barely any) natural light. This applied well; I got full coverage in two coats. The formula wasn’t of the totally solid, creamy variety, though, so watch out for cuticle drag. I love this color! It’s taken over Sephora by OPI Break a Leg Warmer! as the darkest grey creme I own. There’s something that’s so chic about it, plus it’s really flattering. Although I’d label it a cool grey, it doesn’t seem to be obviously blue-toned, though it still has that industrial look. I like the alliteration in the name, but this makes me think more of asphalt than concrete. I paired this with Color Club Gossip Column on my toes.