Since American Horror Story premieres tonight, I wanted to wear something wickedly dark. I’ve also been meaning to try this polish for a long time but just kept getting sidetracked, so I’m happy to have crossed it off my list. Rescue Beauty Lounge Film Noir is a black orchid jelly:

Picture taken in sunlight. The formula was a little sticky but otherwise applied fine. I think my bottle has thickened up some over the years. I didn’t quite get complete coverage in two coats, so I had to add a third. Because of the consistency of the formula and the number of coats, this takes a while to set, even with fast-drying topcoat. As a precaution I dipped my fingers in ice water to speed up the hardening process and to make sure it’s undentable. On the plus side, the jelly formula has a really glossy finish. At three coats, this looks almost-black. The purple base is still visible in bright light, though. This is definitely a case where a name makes me love the polish even more; I think it’s a perfect fit for the color! It’s a seductively dark and sexy shade, and the epitome of vampy. I paired this with Essie Size Matters on my toes.