Most of the time I wear polishes I consider gorgeous or pretty, but once in a while I come across an “ugly-pretty” color that’s too intriguing to pass up. I didn’t own this yet at this point last year, so I’m trying it this fall as my first new mani of the season. China Glaze Trendsetter (Metro, Fall 2011) is a dirty dijon-avocado with gold shimmer:

Picture taken in sunlight. This was nicely pigmented and applied well in two coats. Based on how this looked in the bottle I was ready to call this a yellow, but now that I have it on my nails I’m more inclined to call it a green; it’s both colors at the same time. I think the gold shimmer really makes this polish. It’s the flat, irregular kind that’s packed into a cream base. It may be because it pushes the polish closer to the “pretty” side, but the shimmer gives the finish some much-needed dimension. I don’t think I would have gone for this if it was just a creme, but at the same time I love the color. I think it’s edgy but so retro at the same time; it reminds me of ’70s kitchen decor! I paired this with Essie Smokin’ Hot on my toes.