Returning to this collection, and continuing with the reds and blues over Labor Day weekend, I’m wearing Illamasqua Aorta (Rubber Brights, Summer 2012), a bright scarlet red creme (originally with a satin finish):

Picture taken in natural light. (I wish I had sunlight for this one! It looks redder in real life.) This applied well; I needed just two coats for full coverage. It always feels nice to be wearing a red creme again. 🙂 I’m inclined to say it leans a little warm-toned, but it doesn’t look overly orange or coral; it’s decidedly red. This also looked quite nice in its original satin form. I may have converted this into “just another red creme” with the addition of topcoat, but I don’t mind. The formula is very smooth to start with, but topcoat just smooths out the final mani that much more. I think I’m being influenced by the fact that it dries to a satiny/rubbery finish, but this is probably the closest thing to a true red neon I’ve tried. It’s not exactly glowy, but, fitting with the name of the collection, it is very bright. I also love the name; it’s my favorite of all six polishes. I paired this with Misa On the Edge on my toes.