Since I spent a good chunk of summer manis on metallic polishes, I have a bit of a backlog of brights. I didn’t think I would buy more satin finish polishes, but the colors from this collection were too nice to pass up. Since I didn’t have a green to try in my last round of brights, I’ll start with Illamasqua Nurture (Rubber Brights, Summer 2012) is a vibrant neon green creme (originally with a satin finish):

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied well; I needed three coats for full evenness and opacity. Like last year’s collection of rubber polishes, the formula is nicely thick and pretty smooth, and goes on like a regular polish, then dries to the satin finish. I have all the polishes from this collection, and I’ll be presenting them all with topcoat. I do like the look of the satin/rubber finish but I don’t like its impracticality. In my past experiences with this kind of polish I’ve found that they dry to the touch quickly but still get scuffed up so easily because they take a while to harden/set completely. By adding topcoat I’m sacrificing the finish but preserving the condition of the mani. I like the color so much I was okay with making that tradeoff (and the color appears to pop more with topcoat)! This is definitely the best neon green I own, in terms of both formula and color. The formula was non-sticky and not overly thick so I experienced none of the tip pull I got with other neon green cremes. This is also much more pigmented, so the color looks extra vivid and vibrant.  It’s considerably more green compared to other neon greens I have, which look significantly more yellow-toned when I view the bottles side-by-side. I’ve said how neon greens remind me of frogs, but this one truly does, like those tiny ones that are really poisonous. I love how apt the name is for the color, too, as it’s totally lush and green. 🙂 I paired this with Misa Speed of Life on my toes.