After a whole row of cremes I definitely wanted something glittery. This one surprised me in a very good way. Sephora by OPI Sparkling Personality (Betsey Johnson Collection) is a silver glitter peppered with fuchsia glitter:

Picture taken in sunlight. (The silver may look darker here than in real life, but I just had to pick a photo with the least amount of glare. And view this in full size!) The glitter is relatively fine for a glitterbomb, so the formula actually went on really smoothly. I was expecting to do three coats like usual but I was able to get away with just two, since the glitter is dense. I was both surprised and glad for that since I avoided having to do a really thick mani. Even though I don’t usually wear polishes for more than three days, I can imagine this would hold up well since it’s a relatively thin glitter mani. With a single coat of Poshe the surface doesn’t turn out completely glassy smooth, but far from rough or bumpy. This is predominantly silver and the fuchsia is just barely sprinkled in there, but even in such a small amount it really pops. It does wonders to break up what would be a plain silver finish. I may have been imagining things as I applied this but I thought I saw a little bit of turquoise glitter in there too. Despite the polish being all-glitter, the sparkle factor is delicate; it looks amazing in the sun. I paired this with Sephora by OPI Just a Little Dangerous on my toes.