I feel like I’ve really breezed through this collection! I’m wrapping it up with NARS Amchoor (Thakoon for NARS, Summer 2012) is a bright lemon yellow creme:

Picture taken in sunlight. As expected from a yellow, the formula was streaky and I needed three coats for full coverage, even with its high pigmentation. Although it was thick it applied pretty smoothly. Normally I wouldn’t feel the need to buy more yellow polish, since no matter what the brand or how smooth the formulation is, they will need three coats. But I couldn’t resist this one, not just because I like seeing the complete set, but also because it’s super-pigmented. It just looks amazingly yellow, and I like this summery shade much better than the Dijon-colored sour mango powder this is named after. It doesn’t really remind me of fresh mangoes either, more like dried green mangoes (which are delicious :)). I paired this with Color Club Gimme a Grape Big Kiss on my toes.

I really loved trying this collection! Every single one of the polishes had a good formula and high pigmentation. They’re “just” cremes but the colors are simply beautiful. Although this was inspired by Indian spice markets, when I look at all the bottles lined up it makes me think of the colored powder thrown at Holi festivals!