This polish might seem out of place in a collection full of bold, punchy colors, but light colors can be really bright, too! NARS Kutki (Thakoon for NARS, Summer 2012) is a light sky blue pastel creme:

Picture taken in weak sunlight. This applied very well, especially for a lighter shade. It was a little streaky as expected, yet the formula flowed smoothly. I used three coats for total evenness, though I just barely needed the third. I tend to associate pastels with Easter and I typically wear a lot of them in April, but I’m seeing how well they work in the summer too, since the starkness looks great against a tan. I love this shade; it looks so airy and light, but the stark quality gives it a well-defined, bright look at the same time. It’s not that whited-out, so it still looks very much blue (with a hint of turquoise). I don’t associate the color with its namesake, which it looks nothing like, but I just adore sky blues, especially when they look just like this. I paired it with Color Club Yum Gum on my toes.