This is definitely the polish I was most drawn to when I first came across this collection, and got the ball rolling that eventually led me to getting them all. NARS Anardana (Thakoon for NARS, Summer 2012) is a bright amaranth creme:

Picture taken in sunlight. This applied very well; I used three coats to get that really solid, even look, but the formula was still smooth and pigmented. This color is amazing! I had to look up names of shades of pink because I couldn’t find a way to define it, and “bright amaranth” seemed like the best fit. It is bright, in a rich, vibrant, very color-saturated way. I love pinkish-toned reds like OPI Dutch Tulips, so naturally I love reddish-toned pinks as well. It’s so refreshing to see a shade like this, since a lot of bright pinks tend to be fuchsia or cooler-toned, and the ones that are warm-toned don’t really approach being red. This one is so red-toned that it actually looks red in low lighting. It’s not the color of pomegranate seeds (its namesake) or even fresh pomegranate fruit, but I prefer this shade much, much more. 😀 I paired this with Color Club Wicked Sweet on my toes.