When I first saw the display of these polishes, this didn’t immediately strike me as one I really “needed,” since it’s a color I don’t typically get excited over. But after falling in love with the concept of the collection and the visual of all the bottles lined up, I went back to get it anyway. NARS Ratin Jot (Thakoon for NARS, Summer 2012) is a bright orchid creme:

Picture taken in sunlight. The formula was smooth and pigmented; it looked fine at two coats but I did three anyway. After hearing this labeled “orchid,” I can’t describe it in any other way; it truly does remind me of orchid flowers! It’s a lovely blend of pink and purple that just leans slightly towards the latter. The boldness and color saturation are great. While the color doesn’t match its namesake (in the pictures I saw of the alkanet root, it’s a vampy purple shade), I like the creative license since this shade is wonderfully bright and summery. It may be the power of suggestion but I think it totally fits in with the Indian theme. I paired this with Color Club Get Your Lem-on on my toes.